Lenovo Meets Dolby in San Francisco
I stopped by Dolby Labs today, home to Dolby's showcase state-of-the-art, 7.1 channel-equipped screening room for a presentation from Lenovo. I saw some very cool products and technology and they also treated us to some delightful movie clips that, as they say, "let the room stretch out." One the new Lenovo products which has some very attractive new features won't be announced for another couple of weeks. Here are some interesting things I saw today:
Rapid Boot Extreme
You have to admit, one of the more frustrating aspects of Windows is the long wait for your computer starts up an it only gets worse with time. Lenovo worked with all their partners to optimize the components involved on the boot up process and showed an impressive demonstration of their Rapid Boot feature.

A New All-in-One PC
With Apple announcing upgrades to their line of iMacs, Lenovo has an iMac-like all-in-one PC of their own at a much lower price point. The Edge 91EZ has a 21-inch screen and costs $699.

Dolby Home Theater 4
Dolby and Lenovo have teamed up to add the latest Home Theater technology to Lenovo laptops. Dolby's audio technology and Lenovo's audio components combine to deliver some impressive sound on a laptop computer.

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