Control Your World from Your Phone
While it’s true that the jetpack, personal-hoverboard future we all envisioned as children has yet to materialize, for the most part we have little to complain about as far as 21st Century technology goes. We have electric cars (even if they don’t fly); solar-power; magical hand-held touch screen devices that give us access to all the world’s information (plus LOLcats); and Sticky Notes. But in case you’re still left feeling disillusioned and misled by the Jetsons, here are some ways that your magical hand-held touch screen device can control your world and make you feel more like you’re living in the future.


OnStar MyLink (iPhone, Android): Truly out of the future, the OnStar app lets you lock/unlock doors, start your vehicle, control charging (if it’s electric), activate horn and lights, and supplies you with real-time information (fuel range, gas remaining). It’s compatible with Chevrolet, GM, Cadillac, and Buick.

Home lighting (iPhone)
For those that use Indigo (home automation software that interacts with INSTEON and X10 compatible devices, like light switches, and sprinklers) on their Mac, this app will allow you to view the status of your lights and appliances, control the lights and their levels, and turn appliances on and off.
Television: Set your home DVR from your iPhone or iPod Touch, schedule DVR recordings, watch TV on your iPhone Boxee (iPhone, Android), Roku Remote (iPhone, Android), Directv: (iPhone, Android) AT&T U-verse (Android, iPhone) Remote for Apple TV (iPhone)

VLC Media Player (Android, iPhone): Full browsing control, volume, position, subtitles, stop/play/pause

Music: Remote App lets you control iTunes and Apple TV using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad over your Wi-Fi network. Browser your music library, make a playlist; play, fast-forward, rewind and pause your TV. Home Stereo (Sonos) (Android, iPhone): For the Sonos Multi-Room Music System.

Presentations: Keynote Remote (iPhone) – Really useful if you find yourself speaking quite a lot because it cuts down on the amount of gear you have to take with you. This app allows you to control Keynote presentations through the iWork suite.

Camera (Android, iPhone): Compatible with a DSLR Canon or Nikon, this app is worth looking into. You can remotely fire your camera over any Wi-Fi network, as well as adjust settings, review the image, and see live through the viewfinder.

Mocha VNC (iPhone, Android): Use your phone to connect to a Mac or Windows PC and control it exactly as you would if you were in front of it.

Security Camera (iRa Pro):
This one is a bit out of left field, as most of us probably don’t have access (nor the desire) to many security cameras. However if you’re in the business, or just really paranoid, this app will navigate remotely between hundreds of cameras, pan-tilt-zoom, and still capture images.

Significant Other
Boyfriend (iPhone)/Girlfriend Remote (iPhone)
Living the dream.

For all your future technology needs don’t forget to check out Retrevo, where you’ll find reviews and manuals for all popular gear and gadgets including cameras, HDTV, laptops and more.

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Remote Camera??

Good info. However, I don't see a specific mention for what the remote camera app is actually called and the screen shot isn't helping. Any chance you can let me know what that app is called? Thanks in advance.


It's just called the DSLR

It's just called the DSLR Camera Remote, nothing fancy.

Biased Report!

Why no mention of all the apps for the Windows Phone 7 OS?
There may be far less apps (so far!) but there are still hundreds of
thousands of apps available!
I can remotely control my pc(s) with my WP7 smartphone, I can
remotely send data from my WP7 smartphone to my printer at HOME!,
I can find other WP7 users near me and start conversing, etc.
By the way, ALL! of these are FREE! apps (except for a free, one month trial of
the remote printing app.)
And all of this has been available for some time now and with the addition of
the Mango upgrade, this fall, there will be around 500 new additions/mods to
the WP7 OS!
Add this to the fact that I got my new, Samsung Focus, smartphone through AT&T
for ZERO dollars, with a 2 year contract (we've been AT&T customers for over five
years now) and a very reasonable data plan for $30/month!
We also added a SECOND Samsung to our family plan, also FREE!!(( these are refurbed units,
but look and feel like brand new, except for a limited warranty.)
Yes, this does sound like a commercial for ATT/Microsoft/Samsung/dedicated apps builders,
but NO!, I am not getting paid by anyone!
That's my claimer/disclaimer!


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Re: Remote Camera

Just hover over the iPhone or the Android link and you'll see it at the bottom of the page or click the link.