Nine Cool Golf Gadgets and Apps
Summer is here, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means many golfers are taking to the links. We’ve been collecting info on cool electronics and apps for golfers all winter and figured it was a good time to share them with everyone. Here’s our list:
The SensoGlove Helps Tune Your Grip
For $89, you can buy this golf glove with embedded pressure sensors that provides feedback on how tightly you’re gripping your golf club. It has an LCD display but can also deliver audio feedback. According to their web site, a proper grip can make all the difference: “It’s often said that a lightly gripped club acts like a pendulum. A pendulum naturally swings with a consistent, smooth rhythm. Practicing with the SensoGlove and learning the right amount of pressure leads to a natural, effortless swing that a golfer can repeat every time - for more power, lower scores and a more enjoyable round of golf!”
Free GolfLogix App Provides Some Useful Course Info
You get some good “starter” benefits from the freemium version of this golf app available for a variety of smartphones. The free version offers some GPS distance data, course maps, scorecards and more. For $19.95 a year you can move up to the Champion version and get more course information.
iGolf Mobile Is Another Useful Free Golf App
This free golf app uses the smartphone's GPS to provide distance measurements. It also offers a swing analysis feature that uses uploaded videos from you to provide tips on how to improve your swing. There are plenty more golf goodies included in this app like articles and reviews of courses and gear.

Find Your Lost Balls
For $88

This Ballfinder Scout is a precision imaging device that looks for a piece of your white dimpled golf balls and sounds an alert when it finds one. It can spot a ball in the woods from 35 ft.
RoboCup Ball Return Robot
This product isn’t brand new but it did win a best in show award in 2009 and we still think it’s one of the coolest golf gadgets we’ve seen. You just place it in the hole and when the ball lands in the hole, it pops the ball back to you. You can buy a RoboCup for around $60 on Amazon.

SkyCaddie is a Dedicated Golf GPS Accessory
In case you don’t have a smartphone with a GPS or want the features that a dedicated device delivers, you can buy a SkyCaddie for around $300 and subscribe to their service for $30 a year. You’ll get course info on thousands of golf courses, score cards, and other golf goodies although we wonder if a smartphone with its built-in GPS isn’t a better bet.
Garmin and Golfing
Garmin offers several dedicated golf GPS devices; some have color screens and waterproof cases but one of the cooler ones is a dedicated golf watch called the Garmin Approach S1. This waterprrof golf watch gets 4.5 stars on Amazon and costs around $230. Basically you get distances for more than 14,000 pre-loaded golf courses.
iPing Putter App
In case you have some time on your hands and want to go work on your putts, iPing the golf club company has a clever device that lets you attach your iPhone to your club and use it’s accelerometer to help your improve your swing.

Golf App for Android Users Too
Golfshot is a popular iPhone app that is also available for Android smartphones. It offers all the features that other golf devices have including distance, scoring and more.

Retrevo is Like a Hole in One
Don’t forget to do all your gadget researching and buying at Retrevo, where you’ll find reviews and manuals for all the latest gear and gadgets including cameras, HDTV, laptops and more.

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