Some Cool Gadgets Seen on Kickstarter
If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter you owe it to yourself to check it out. If you have an idea for just about anything that needs some funding you can post a “pitch” on kickstarter.com and if the public agrees that it’s a worthwhile project they “pledge” money and you’re off and running. We check in on Kickstarter on a regular basis and thought we’d share some of the cool things we’ve seen recently.

Analyze Your Cars Oil

Lubricheck is a do-it-yourself analysis tool that can tell you among other things, if it’s time to change your car’s oil. They say depending on your driving habits you may be able to save money by going longer between oil changes. For a pledge of $30 you can have one of the first ones off the production line.

Soundjaw iPad Amplifier

Soundjaw is a plastic module that snaps on the corner of an iPad and amplifies the sound coming out of the iPad speaker. They say it can make a big difference in noisy environments. You can own one of these for a $20 pledge.

Remote Controlled Helicopter

This remote control helicopter works with an Apple mobile device i.e. iPad and will cost you $99. They say it’s easy to fly, won’t drain the batteries on your iPad or iPhone and can fly up to 10 meters away from the controller.

Take Panoramic Videos
With an iPhone 4
GoPano is building a device that snaps onto an iPhone 4 and lets you take 360 degree panoramic videos. We’re not sure what you do with them after you’ve shot them but they say you upload them to their site and “share 360 degree videos with your friends.” A GoPano will cost you a pledge of $50 at the moment.

Another panoramic video attachment comes from Kogeto who is making a gadget called Dot: 360. At $98, it will cost you a little more than the GoPano but it also looks like a fun gadget to have.

iPhone Radiation Detector
You can download this radiation detector app from the iTunes Store right now but without a measuring device it won’t do you much good. This group wants to build a low price PIN Photo-diode that can be used in place of a Geiger-Muller Tube to turn your iPhone into a “Smart Radiation Detector.”
Triggertrap Remote
Shutter Release
Triggertrap is going to be a “universal camera trigger” that works with most cameras that have wired remote shutter controls. It’s going to be a small device that can trigger a photo with things like breaking a laser beam, a sound like a clapping hand, time measurement (for time lapse photos) or as they say just about anything you can imagine.

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