Hot Gadgets to Keep You Cool This Summer
With record temperatures getting racked up across the country we figured it was never too late in the season to offer a list of some fun and unusual gadgets to help you keep your cool.

USB Laptop Fans

Here’s a fun and attractive rotating flower that could help provide a breeze while you’re toiling away on your laptop computer. This one is from an online store in the UK but there are plenty of versions available from places like Amazon. The other more conventional looking USB fans were on display at this year’s Computex sow in Taipei.

USB Fan Shirts

We’ve seen different variations of this shirt that has small fans sewn into a shirt. The fans can be powered by battery or USB.

Air Conditioned Shoes

We’re not sure how these unusual shoes work or how you can buy them but they are featured on Japan Trends’ web site. With all those fans embedded in the soles of these shoes they should do a good job of keeping your feet cool and dry.

Another Cool
Product From Japan

You spray this stuff on your skin and it keeps you cool...sounds like fun.

Fans You Can Stick
Your Finger In

These fans aren’t cheap but they are very cool looking and they probably keep you very cool as well. The Dyson Bladeless Fans (from the vacuum cleaner folks) use a “cyclone accelerator” to move more air without fan blades. The smaller fan costs $299 and the larger one $499.

Cool Mouse for Sweaty Palms

If you suffer from hot hands while mousing around you might want to consider spending $22 on this air cooled optical mouse available on USB.Brando.

One Can USB Fridge
This USB fridge gets mixed reviews on Amazon but for around $20 you can try it yourself. It uses a heat sync and a fan to draw heat way from the bottom of the can. They say it will keep a cold can cold but won’t make a warm can cold - no mini-compressor here.

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