Biophilia ( Android / iOS )
Biophilia was designed by Icelandic musician Björk in conjunction with her album of the same name. There are ten interactive sections that combine music from the Biophilia album with science lessons on topics such as lightning, tidal patterns, DNA, and gravity. The app carries the not insignificant price tag of $12.99, but considering it has been adopted in classrooms in Iceland, New York, and Los Angeles it’s a worthwhile investment for your tech-savvy child.

July 25, 2013
Bread Kittens ( iOS )
You are a baker. The evil company ChowCorp has created tainted cat food that has made all the cats wild and aggressive. Basically, the cats have become weapons. Since they’re so crazy, no one will adopt them and feed them. Your baker skills have been called upon to save the world. You must bake bread slices to capture kittens and loaves to protect them like armor. This is an utterly ridiculous game that doesn’t take itself or you seriously, and as a result is tremendously entertaining.

July 18, 2013
MindMeister ( Android / iOS )
Mind mapping is an old technique for sorting your thoughts and organizing ideas. It’s a useful tool for people who tend to be more visually oriented, or even for those who aren’t and want to challenge their brain to think in a different format. MindMeister is an efficient online tool for creating mind maps, on your own or with others. It helps to keep complex ideas organized by making each idea node collapsalbe, so you can focus on one section at a time; you can also prioritize a task, give it a due date, etc. so it also can be used as a project management system.

July 3, 2013
Thoughtback ( iOS )
Enter something in that you find important or interesting or just timely; be it an idea, observation, quote, anything. Do it through your iPhone, Mac, or Browser. The app stores it and then randomly sends you back something from the past. Don’t be misled by the simple premise, this is a surprisingly potent app. You never know what is coming – it can jar a memory that you’d forgotten or shed light on a current situation, or just make you laugh.

June 27, 2013
Steak Timer Plus ( Android )
I know you’re the grill king already and don’t need any tech to help you out. But this app will be useful without encroaching on your masterful BBQ instincts. Steak Timer Plus allows you to set times for different levels of doneness and assigns a name and location to a steak. This way you don’t have to worry so much about mixing up your wife’s extra rare, with your father-in-law’s extra-well-done.

June 20, 2013
Carrot ( iOS )
As a chronic procrastinator, I am always looking for ways to force myself to complete my tasks in a timely manner. Enter CARROT, a fantastic to-do list app for iOS. CARROT has attitude. Perched at the top right of the app is an "eye" reminiscent of HAL 9000. This eye changes color depending on how the AI feels about you. Be good about getting your tasks done, and she is happy and glows blue. Don't be productive and she grows angry and turns a menacing shade of red. Completing tasks earns points which go toward leveling up. In her newest update, keeping her happy for a set amount of time unlocks a kitten. Clearly the developers know what modern day internet users want.

June 13, 2013
Pilot's Path ( iOS )
I’m kind of a sucker for Helicopter games, but the ones I’ve found tend to mostly be about shooting and less about flying. Pilot’s Path on the other hand, is exploratory – something in the vein of the old-school Desert Strike game. This game is mission-based, fly-around, search and retrieve, with gorgeous cut scenes and large worlds to explore.

June 6, 2013
Cinemagram ( Android / iOS )
Once exclusive to iOS, the GIF-infused Cinemagram app has launched on Android as well, giving users a new place to share their favorite videos in GIF form. Users record a short, looping, four-second video and, like Instagram, have the ability to apply effects in post-production. There is a timeline and “follow” functionality, the ability to share on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Commenting, liking, and reposting are also present.

May 30, 2013
Workflowy ( iOS )
WorkFlowy is an organizational app that runs on the Web. In the broadest terms, you can think of WorkFlowy as a website that makes lists, but this doesn’t really do it justice. Once you sign up, you’re presented with a page that looks like a word-processing document. Just start typing your first list item. Unlike in Evernote or OneNote, you don’t need to open up new files or notes to put stuff into. Instead, everything in WorkFlowy is part of a single giant list. Because each item can have sub-lists under it, and each of those sub-items can have their own nested lists, it’s a very organic way to organize the chaos in your brain. The best part, though, is that you can “zoom in” on each item—double-click on a bullet point and WorkFlowy suddenly shows you a new page for that item and all its sublists. Each item in your list, then, is like a new document on its own.

May 23, 2013
Coaster ( iOS )
Wireless Hate waiting in line to get a drink at your local bar or when you're out at the clubs? Coaster was made just for you! Just download the app, select the venue you're at, choose a drink, pay for it in one click, and you will get an alert when your drink is ready. It is currently only available in select cities and venues.

May 16, 2013
Wireless Transfer ( iOS )
Wireless Transfer App is an easy-to-use photo and video transfer tool. You can transfer photos and videos between iPhone and iPad, as well as transfer photos and videos from computer to iPad/iPhone/iPod and the reverse. No USB cables to lose or any extra software. All the devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and voila. There are no limitations on the amount of files, or on the file sizes you can move and copy, and everything is securely password protected.

May 9, 2013
Berlitz Spanish ( Android / iOS )
I’m going to Spain for two weeks and have been buffing up my rusty high school Spanish with this very handy app. It won’t make you fluent, but it will guide you through the tricky multiple ‘you’s, get you what you want to eat rather than a surprise squid soup, and get you back to your hotel. This app is perfect for getting to grip with the basics using 10-15 minute daily sessions themed by topics such as travel, culture, business, plus a little bit of slang thrown in.

May 2, 2013
Badland ( iOS )
Like most phone/tablet games, the goal is pretty simple – guide your furry blob safely through the levels. What makes this one great are the gorgeous graphics, and the fact that it reminds us of some of the classic Mario levels, the ones where the screen was constantly moving and you would die if you got trapped.

April 25, 2013
Food Network On the Road (Official) ( iOS )
If you watch the food network and always wondered if there was a restaurant nearby that Guy Fieri visited in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, here’s an app that will help you find it. It’s a free app from the food network that will map out all the restaurants featured on different shows. We could only find it in the Apple Store.

April 18, 2013
Nivpat ( Android / iOS )
NIVPAT T-shirts bridge the gap between fashion and technology. They let you connect with others by simply pointing your smartphone at them. NIVPAT, which stands for "non-invasive pattern" technology, allows you to create millions of unique combinations of the same artwork by slightly altering some of its visual elements. It can be applied to fashion design, logos and security/anti-counterfeiting applications.

April 11, 2013
Runtastic ( Android / iOS / Windows )
Rather than an all-in-one application, Runtastic offers a range of highly focused products that help you achieve your fitness goals. Runtastic tracks all kinds of metrics such as distance, time, speed, and calorie consumption. Road Bike tracks heart rate, cadence, speed sensors, and lets you get more precise tracking and analysis of your biking. Walktastic keeps track of your improvement while hiking, and strolling. Pedometer tracks every step you take and lets you see whether you reach 10k steps a day as recommended. Distance, time, calorie consumption, step rate. Mountain Bike tracks your off-road rides. Integration sensor lets you monitor heart rate, cadence and speed. Wintersports keeps track of a variety of sports.

April 4, 2013
Find It ( iOS )
Find It is a game app, one that combines mobile gaming, photo apps and social networking into one interactive, digital scavenger hunt. Friends take turns challenging each other to find items, take photos of the item on their phone and then send the photos via the app. In the beginning the game offers you items to choose from, but as you go along and collect points you can start creating custom items for your friends to find. That is when it really starts to get fun.

March 28, 2013
Unified Remote ( Android / Windows )
The app has several individualized remotes that include one for basic input, which gives you a track-pad and a keyboard, and others such as a power controller, file manager, and start menu. Other remotes are designed to work with specific programs such as VLC and Windows Media Player, as well as controllers for Spotify and YouTube. For those willing to pay the $3.99 for the full version you can also get remotes for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Netflix, Hulu (desktop and web), Pandora, Winamp, iTunes, and PowerPoint, as well as the ability to make your own custom remotes. This app is not yet available for Apple but it is planned for the future.

March 21, 2013
SecuraFone Health ( Android / iOS )
SecuraFone Health combines GPS tracking, 24/7 emergency response, and remote monitoring of vital signs to deliver an individualized mobile health and safety solution. The app offers an easy-to-read dashboard and real-time vital information provided by the “SecuraPatch,” which is a monitor that looks and acts like a Band-Aid. Alerts can be setup for Location-based events or for health-related events with a click of a mouse, including high and low thresholds for each vital.

March 8, 2013
ProCamera ( iOS )
Although ProCamera is not free and not as cheap as Camera+ ($.99) you get a powerful camera app with lots of very useful features for $3.99. True to its name ProCamera gets your iPhone a little closer to a professional caliber camera. You can manipulate focus, exposure and even white balance to some extent, all through a very intuitive set of controls. They also include some quality editing tools, geo-tagging and even a QR card reader. We think you’ll enjoy using this app and feel it’s well worth the modest price. It even comes recommended by the New York Times’ David Pogue and National Geographic.

February 22, 2013
MyScript Calculator ( Android / iOS )
A calculator isn’t a particularly new idea for an app – but one that reads your handwriting is. Write in any calculation that you need solved and the app will read it and solve it for you. You can use MyScript in the classroom to solve equations using trigonometry and inverse trig, logarithms, constants, exponentials, fractions, and of course basic functions. The app will also apply to simple mathematical calculations that pop into your day, like finding the percentage off in a sale, or the tip you should leave for your lunch bill.

February 7, 2013
Marksta ( iOS )
With so many social networks on which to share our photos, it becomes easy to lose possession of them. Marksta is a photo app that allows users to add watermarks to their photos before sharing their work. Through text-editing tools, users can copyright their images, as well as add twitter and website addresses so people can contact them, thereby also being useful as a marketing tool. You can create customized text as well as add layers of protection to your photos.

January 31, 2013
Noble Nutlings ( iOS )
This game from some “Angry Birds” veterans tasks players with piloting a rickety cart across hilly landscapes as fast as possible. The catch is you can’t let any of the squirrel passengers fall out along the way. It is ridiculous, as all the best of the mobile games are, and quite addictive. You can upgrade your vehicle with thousands of combinations, collecting acorns and hurtling towards the finish line with the help of a spicy hot-pepper boost. Building your cart is a great customization since you can continually tweak which parts you use to find that perfect balance of speed and weight.

January 24, 2013
Mint ( Android / iOS )
Financial resolutions are pretty common at the beginning of the year, and Mint.com for is a great tool to help with that. It automatically updates transactions and account balances, and will send real-time alerts for low account balances, over-budget and unusual spending activity. Mint also offers a budgeting feature that lets you set short-term and long-term goals. Android-specific features include: OS Search to find recent transactions, Mint.com widget with a snapshot of overall cash flow in real-time and Android Live folders for financial updates on your phone's home screen without launching the Mint app.

January 17, 2013
Hive Settings ( Android )
This free app will put most of your common settings in one place for you to access easily. It has common settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services, airplane mode, as well as less common ones like screen brightness, rotation, 3G/4G settings. It also includes an app manager, so you can quickly uninstall, back up, or make APKs of any of your currently installed apps.

January 10, 2013
1 Second Everyday ( iOS )
Born of a successful Kickstarter campaign, 1 Second Everyday is an app that allows you to record 1 second of each day of your life. Use this app for a whole year and you'll get a cool 6 minute video of highlights of your past year.

January 3, 2013
Vocre ( iOS / Android )
Ever tried having a conversation with someone that doesn't speak the same language? Hand gestures and awkward sounds can only take you so far. Vocre is a voice and text translator that provides you with an intuitive user interface, so that you can have conversations with anyone speaking any language.

December 27, 2012
Google Maps for iOS ( iOS )
For all you iOS users who are disappointed with Apple's native map app implementation, Google Maps has made a return to iOS! It's even better than before, with voice guided turn by turn navigation, street view, and location search.

December 20, 2012
Nova Launcher ( Android )
Ever wanted to go beyond just switching out the wallpaper of your Android phone? Nova Launcher can help you customize your homescreen, just the way you like it. Apply themes, change icons, and even increase or decrease the amount of icons on your dock. Android 4.0+ required.

December 13, 2012
Smule's Magic Piano ( Android / iOS )
Never had the time or resources to learn piano? With Magic Piano, you won't need to. Just tap the lights on the screen and play anything from the latest pop songs to classical pieces from Mozart, Beethoven and more!

December 6, 2012
Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner ( Android / iOS )
Every musician knows the importance of having a tuned instrument. You can always tune by ear, but that is a difficult task for most. You can buy a tuner, but that can get pretty costly. With the Cleartune Chromatic tuner app ($3.99), you can have a tuner handy where ever your mobile phone goes.

November 29, 2012
Smart tools ( Android )
Smart Tools ($2.50) for Android devices is an app with some of the essential tools you will need, but might not have handy. Some of the basics include a level, a ruler, a protractor, and even tools that measure the height of an object (think Eiffel Tower) or a metal detector!

November 22, 2012
Aerox ( iOS )
This fun and addicting ball-rolling game will keep you entertained for hours. Using your iPhone or iPad's built-in gyroscope, you control a marble through a beautifully designed puzzle.

November 15, 2012
BFAds Black Friday ( Android / iOS )
Black friday is arguably one of the most hectic shopping seasons of the year, next to Christmas shopping of course. Sales going on left and right leaves most consumers defaulting to the ones they know best. With BFAds.net's Black Friday App, you can stay on top of all the different sales.

November 8, 2012
Scanner Radio Pro ( Android )
TV programming getting too boring? Spice up your evenings with Scanner Radio Pro. This app allows you to listen in on police and fire scanners, both locally and around the world. Be warned though, you may develop a strong urge to go out and fight crime.

November 1, 2012
Find PostBoxes ( Android / iOS )
I recently dropped off my ballot for the 2012 election, but I had the hardest time finding a mailbox! Where are they when you need them? Well, I stumbled on this app called Find Postboxes. It immediately detected my location and showed me some mailboxes close by. Problem solved.

October 25, 2012
Vote!!! the Game ( iOS )
Take your mind off work and dive into this hilariously looking slapstick fighting game involving our presidential candidates. Suit them up, equip them with a weapon and have them go at it! You can even register to vote, if you haven't already, with this app!

October 18, 2012
Galaxy Pack ( Android )
Looking for a way to liven up your Android device's homescreen wallpaper? Galaxy Pack for Android, lets you set 3D, real-time galaxies and nebulas as your homescreen wallpaper. Additional options let you tweak everything from star count to core type.

October 11, 2012
Trip Advisors' City Guide Catalog ( Android / iOS )
Dine at the best restaurants, see the most interesting attractions, and let loose at the most exciting nightlife spots. The Trip Advisors City Guide Catalog allows you to download city guides for over 50 major cities. It's free and best of all, it can be used offline so you have a personal guide even in areas with no internet connection.

October 4, 2012
Fodor's Travel Phrases ( iOS )
Travelling to a foreign country soon, but you don't speak the indigenous language? With Fodor's Travel Phrase, you won't have to stumble with gestures and sounds to ask where you can find a beer. Just search for the phrase you want to say and the app will present you with both the translation and pronunciation.

September 27, 2012
Current Caller ID ( Android )
Often times we get calls from numbers we do not recognize. Wouldn't it be nice to know who it was? With a database of over 300 million home, business, and mobile phone numbers, Current Caller ID helps fill in that information and tells us who is calling us.

September 20, 2012
Foodspotting ( iOS / Android )
Sometimes you just crave for a specific dish, but you don't know where to find it. Yelp may be useful for choosing a type of cuisine, but when it comes down to a specific dish, it leaves you lost. This is where Foodspotting shines; search for any specific dish and it will present you with a list of local restaurant that makes it.

September 13, 2012
Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2012 ( iOS / Android )
With the start of an exciting new football season, the NFL has released the official fantasy football app for 2012. Easily get up to the minute player news and injury info and in-depth charts while you're on the go.

September 6, 2012
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ( iOS )
Waking up to an alarm usually results in you feeling tired and sluggish. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock monitors your movements during your sleep to determine the optimal time to wake you up. Just place your iOS device next to you before bed and it will wake you up at the right time, so that you feel rested and relaxed.

August 30, 2012
Tiny Flashlight+LED ( Android )
Flashlights never seem to be around when you need them, especially during a power outage. Our smartphones on the other hand, are almost always by our side. With the help of the Tiny Flashlight+LED, you can turn your Android smartphone into a flashlight and be able to see in the dark with ease.

August 16, 2012
ParkingMobile ( Android / iOS / Windows / Blackberry )
ParkingMobile allows you to use your smartphone to conveniently pay for your parking meter. All you need is the ParkingMobile App, internet connection, and be in a supported location. 15 minutes before your meter expires, you'll receive a text reminder to go feed the meter – remotely, of course. The catch is that there is a small fee for every transaction, but it beats worrying about running 3 blocks to pay the meter or worse, getting a ticket.

August 9, 2012
Martha Stewart Cookies ( iOS )
For the baking fans, this is one of the best sweets apps available. This resource supplies more than 60 recipes (and the ability to purchase additional recipe packs), instructional videos, baking tips, kitchen timers, shopping lists, sharing options, and an array of search features.

August 2, 2012
Songza ( Android / iOS )
This free app streams thousands of original playlists that have been handmade by music experts. Music is arranged according to mood and timing. For example the selection will read: It's Tuesday Evening. Play music for 'Cooking', 'Eating Dinner', 'Relaxing after work', 'Studying', 'At the Gym'. And you make your selection according to your activity. You can also browse a curated playlist library organized by activity, genre, decade, & mood. And it's all integrated with the major social networks.

July 26, 2012
Super Stickman Golf ( Android / iOS )
Superclubs have the unique ability to make your round easier by freezing water hazards, stick your shots to walls, or pause it in mid-air. There are also over 200 unique holes to play and clever obstacles (conveyor belts, for example) integrated in. You can play multiplayer online or locally as well.

July 19, 2012
Google Chrome ( Android / iOS )
The default browser on your iPhone or Android phone may not be the most intuitive or speediest browsers. Luckily, there are alternative web browsers available for download. Google Chrome is one of those, and on top of being speedy and intuitive, it features tabbed browsing, bookmark syncing, and private browsing. A note for Android users, Google Chrome is only compatible with Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or higher.

July 12, 2012
MapMyRun+ ( Android / iOS )
MapMyRun is a fitness app that helps you track the route, the distance, and the pace of your run, using your mobile phone's GPS. You can then share your workout results with your friends and family through facebook, twitter, or e-mail. It even features a built-in calorie counter, so you can keep track of the number of calories consumed.

July 5, 2012
Llama - Location Profiles ( Android )
Ever had your phone ring in the middle of a meeting at work? Did you miss an important call because you forgot to turn the ringer back on after work? With Llama Location Profiles, you can automatically have your phone go into silent mode at work and have it set back to loud mode when you leave work. It is a location aware app that uses cell towers around you to detect your location. It allows your phone to automatically perform certain tasks depending on your location or the time. Some more examples include:

  • Start your music player when a headset is connected.
  • Turn off 4G when you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off screen lock pin/password when you are at home.

June 28, 2012
Halftone ( iOS )
It's easy to think that with Instagram you don't need any other photo apps, but you'd be wrong. Halftone turns your pictures into vintage comics. Halftone does more than just filter them, it adds paper styles, captions, speech balloons, graphic stamps, and fonts (including built-in comic fonts). They can be shared over e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, and the app integrates with the likes of Instagram, Camera+, and Color Splash.

June 21, 2012
CamScanner ( Android / iOS )
Turn your phone into a portable scanner! Using a compatible smartphone, take a picture of any document such as receipts, magazine articles, business cards, handwritten notes you want to scan. With advanced scanning features such as auto-cropping, batch scanning, and color enhancements you can quickly scan and convert to standard PDF format right to your phone. Documents can then be shared via email, SMS, or even uploaded to your favorite cloud storage.

June 14, 2012
Harvest ( iOS )
Harvest provides a straightforward guide on to how to pick the best produce by offering tips and techniques of exactly how to look for the ripest and healthiest fruit or veg. A large variety of different produce is catered for, each with their own bunch of tips and tricks that are impressively educational. The app follows such tips up with information on pesticide residue levels.

June 7, 2012
Nike Golf 360 ( iOS )
If you are a fan of the Nike+ system, but choose to be on the links rather than the track, this may be pretty exciting to you. The 360 app is divided into four sections — My Game, which lets you track your scoring and statistics, My Swing, where you can compare and upload video of your swing, and even receive personal coaching from Nike Swoosh Staff members, My Body, which helps you get into golf shape, and My Gear, where you can keep track of what's in your bag and receive recommendations on new gear — all of which sync with a companion website.

May 24, 2012
MX Player ( Android )
Android's music player works pretty good, but something a bit more is needed for videos. MX Player supports various hardware configurations and many formats. One of its best qualities is that subtitles are also supported, videos can be moved and resized, and the video quality is pretty great. And it's all free.

May 17, 2012
StumbleUpon ( iTunes/Android )
In case you aren't familiar with the desktop version, StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking tool where you can effectively like and dislike web pages. With lots of people doing this, all of that information is collated and crunched and StumbleUpon then profiles all of the bookmarked pages by category, as well as by how popular they are. You can then enjoy whole experience the other way around by asking StumbleUpon to recommend to you web pages that it thinks you'll like. The mobile version brings the whole thing to your phone, for even more effective time wasting.

May 10, 2012
Serenity ( iOS )
Find your personal Serenity and tap into 30 beautiful, relaxing video and audio destinations... peaceful fields, soft rain, underwater worlds, thunderstorms over sleepy towns, brightly colored clouds of incense, fantastic vortexes and piles of sleeping kittens. For a fully immersive experience, use Serenity with any of your AirPlay devices. Watch it with your Apple TV or stream its high-quality audio to your AirPlay speakers to get lost in tranquility.

May 3, 2012
Star Walk ( iOS )
Not just the stars, but constellations, and satellites, all in real-time. It's an information packed time-sensitive interactive star atlas that allows you to set your location manually to give you the most accurate picture. For those with an iPhone 4 it includes augmented reality.

April 26, 2012
Smartr Contacts ( iOS/Android )
An address book that automatically identifies the name and contact information for everyone you've ever communicated with. This free app automatically creates rich profiles for all your contacts, including communication history and updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

April 19, 2012
Clear ( iTunes )
Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear, an amazing new app for creating lists that is unbelievably simple, quick and satisfying to use. Part of its charm comes from the fact that it is low on features, keeping thing straightforward and uncluttered. Make a list, set its priority and you're done.

April 12, 2012
MoneyWiz ( iTunes )
- Automatically keeps data consistent across multiple devices
- Gives you beautiful reports in full screen
- Connects all your money management needs into one convenient place
- Set budgets and pay down your debt. MoneyWiz will monitor the budgets for you, and let you know when something's about to go wrong.
- Never miss a bill again. MoneyWiz will remind you for any scheduled transactions that are due to be paid.

April 5, 2012
Showyou ( iTunes )
Browse through videos from your friends on Facebook and people you follow on Twitter in a delightful and immersive two-dimensional grid on the iPad. Customize Showyou by following grids from other users -- including grids from the Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED, Reddit TV, Pitchfork and more. Create grids on the fly with Showyou search. Just a tap to share a video with your friends on Showyou or share videos you find with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email. Put Showyou in your pocket and take it on the road with the Showyou app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

March 22, 2012
Cor.kz Wine Info ( iTunes )
Cor.kz is the perfect wine app for wine novices and enthusiasts alike because it offers the best data, most complete feature set, and easiest user experience. It brings the power of CellarTracker's humungous wine database to the palm of your hand. Browse or search more than 1,200,000 wines and over 2,400,000 reviews. It provides side-by-side comparisons, helping you to decide what to buy at the wine shop, or what to order from the wine list.


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If you see some reason this would be unworkable, I'd like to hear it.

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За границей почти все известные концерны используют поставляемую продукцию компании «Рога и копыта». И хотя широкой публике за рубежом почти неизвестно наименование этой компании, но во всяком изделии современной бижутерии применяется их продукция. http://www.rogairoga.ru/index2_2.php
Скорее всего, надо признать, что с выходом на мировую арену, «Рога и копыта» приобрели весь мир. Даже если это не видно очевидным образом, но везде присутствуют рога любимой фирмы из России и почти везде доносится стук копыт данного предприятия. Остап Бендер положил начало вполне доходному и удачному делу. Благодаря его дарованию множество граждан обогатилось и принесли успех несметному числу предпринимателей.

App of the Week suggestion

Hi, I would suggest an app called ParkMe for app of the week. I know it's on iOS not sure about Andriod and it's free.

Thanks man.

Thanks man.

is a piece of crap

The google guys what are thinking..making the chrome for the ICS ? and upper??..
Not only have his fragmented update for all android users ..now try with discrimination pull out the gingerbread users..
The best thing is that this browser have a a lot of faults, and not is the more speed browser ..is a shame.!

non IOS whining

Since March 22 there have been 8 IOS only apps. There have also been 3 dual platform apps reviewed and one Android only app and that recent, so maybe Sarah just got an Android. Ever try to keep up on multiple platforms? It ain't easy. Maybe if you volunteer to review a few, or even point out some unique Android apps out you'd get the exposure you want. Yeah, you really don't want to do the work, but really - this is the modern way to get exposure.


As a user of both platforms, sometimes apps are just better on iOS. She's made a reasonable attempt to be unbiased.


Hey, I'm not really sure what this is or how it got in my email but I have a blackberry and an Ipod Touch. Do I really need this? I use my BB daily and my Ipod about once a week.

Wonder what phone she carries...duh!

I agree wirh the comment that this is really an Apple App of
the Week blog. Shame on Retrevo for allowing this not so
subtle subterfuge. I for one will no longer waste my time
reading this prop-ed advertising for the iStore.

App of the Week

Why not just change the name to accurately reflect what it really is: iPhone App of the Week. There literally hasn't been an Android app featured in a month-and-a-half.

iOS Apps comment

If you think Android is difficult getting Apps for, think Window$ platform for smartphone! It's deplorable; I don't think I've seen the FIRST advertisement for Window$! They have their own marketplace but it's pretty slim pickings so far although I did get the flashlight and compass!

Agree. Just another iOS apps

Agree. Just another iOS apps showdown. Pitty, as there are some amazing Android apps out there worth mentioning.

Just another Apple showcase

There are loads of kick-ass Android apps, and of course there are now more smart phone runnig Android than there are Apple so why such a bias towards the evil empire?