The Most Realistic Android, Human-Like Robots We’ve Seen So Far
If you’re looking for Asimo, he’s not the droid you’re looking for; “humanoid” robots like Asimo, typically have arms, legs and can do various functions intended for humans. But Androids are robots designed to aesthetically resemble humans and that’s what this list is all about. So join us as we take a virtual tour through the Uncanny-Andy-Valley and see just how close we’re getting to real, functional, human-looking “replacements” – I mean best friends!
Geminoid F
These two robots are the most life-like we’ve seen so far. The Geminoid F sits next to patients in hospitals as a nurse and can be driven by a real nurse who may be elsewhere in the world.
Actroid Der2
The Actroid DER2 is a fembot and one of the most realistic humanoid robots we’ve seen. She is made by Kokoro, a division of Sanrio. Kokoro also makes the DER3, but from the videos we’ve seen so far, the DER2 seems more realistic.


This rather touching goodbye transpires as the Hanson Robotics team is powering down Jules, the conversational robot, the robot after a show. Click here for a more detailed explanation of how Jules works, from Jules himself.
Geminoid DK
Here’s another humanoid robot that we thought looked pretty real; the Geminoid DK made by Henrik Scharfe. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s better than the androids of yester-year.
Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Virtual Twin
Of course, what list would be complete without Hiroshi Ishiguro’s twin robot?
In 1969 Victor Scheinman of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab created the Stanford arm, now the foundation of many of today's robot arms.

In 1967, Richard Greenblatt worte MacHack, a program that could play chess, which paved the way for programs like Big Blue.

In 1959 the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory was started at MIT

There are US patents dating back as far as 1863 that use the term "android"

In 1495 Leonardo da Vinci designed a robot knight that moved via a system of pulleys and cables

Around 350 B.C.E. Archytas is said to have built a mechanical bird, propelled by steam, that could fly from a lower perch to a perch above



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The Most Realistic Android

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