Nerding-Out Your Facebook Timeline!
A Nerd’s Guide [Checklist]

If it were up to Mark Zuckerberg, your Facebook Timeline will literally say, you were born... then you joined Facebook. Now let me be clear… nerds don't wane nostalgic over trivial things like baby's first steps, or first words; we care about when you first saw Star Wars or beat Super Mario Bros. So why not nerd-out your Facebook Timeline? Here are some events we're sure you'll want to add to make your social life (at least look) complete.

Tell Your Facebook Timeline All About When You...

1. Saw your first Star Trek episode

2. First went to Comic-Con

3. Watched Star Wars for the first time

4. Played your first standup arcade game

5. Got your first (real) camera

6. Made your first recorded answering machine (or voicemail) message

7. Rented your first VHS or BETAMAX movie

8. First saw the “Macintosh”

9. Got your first computer

10. First beat Super Mario Bros.

11. First played Legend of Zelda

12. Recorded your first
television show

13. First went “online”

14. Got your first PDA

15. Used your first search engine

16. Sent your first email

17. Got your first AOL Disc
in the mail

18. Joined Friendster

19. Joined MySpace (and when you stopped using it)

20. First saw the
“Dancing Baby”

21. Realized there is “no spoon”

22. First had the uncontrollable desire to kill a digitally generated, mocap character AKA: Jar Jar Binks

23. Got your first cell phone

24. Bought your first song on iTunes

25. Took your iPod out in public for the first time

26. Uploaded your first
YouTube video

27. Made your first blog

28. Saw your first meme

29. First played Guitar Hero

30. Bought your first “App”

31. Got your first Twitter follower

32. First played Angry Birds

33. Got your first tablet

34. Killed your first Dragon
in Skyrim

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I Got your first computer in

I Got your first computer in 1999 year.