Smartphone and Tablet Rumors
With Mobile World Congress and iPad 3 rumors out of the way, we thought we’d share this list of rumors and news we’ve come across recently.
Google to Offer a “High-Quality” 7-Inch Tablet
This is less of a rumor since Eric Schmidt mentioned this late last year but it looks likely that we’ll see a low cost ($199 range) Android tablet sometime soon. It is expected to have a 1280 x 800 resolution (Kindle Fire has 1024 x 600) and will run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). We wonder what will become of the soon to be acquired Motorola Xoom tablets?

Edge-to-Edge Displays are “In” this Year

We wonder if there will be a patent dispute over borderless displays after Samsung brings out their Galaxy S III and Apple brings out the iPhone 5 both of which are rumored to have edge-to-edge displays.

Speaking of the Galaxy S III…

The specs are leaking out for the forthcoming successor to the very popular Samsung Galaxy S II. It is expected to be powered by Samsung's 1.5 GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 SoC, which includes four Cortex-A9 processing cores and four ARM Mali GPU cores. The S III is expected to have a large 4.8-inch 1920 x 1080p display. Note, this is the same resolution that is on your “Full HD” HDTV. It will be running Ice Cream Sandwich.
New dock for iPhone 5?
There’s a rumor floating around that the iPhone 5 due out later this year may include a new connector. It is reported that Apple may want to change the connection to save space. In a recent article about this rumor a story was mentioned about a time when Steve Jobs dropped an iPod prototype into an aquarium and pointed out that the air bubbles coming out of it represented empty space that could be used. Personally we can’t see Apple jeopardizing a vast aftermarket industry that has cropped up around the standard connector and besides it is one of the things that has given Apple products a huge advantage over Android devices that don’t have a standard docking connector.
Who Gets to Make the Jelly Bean Google Nexus Phone?
With Ice Cream Sandwich finally starting to be deployed on smartphones and the next version of Android about to be featured at the annual Google I/O conference, it’s time to speculate on who will be awarded the privilege of making the official Android 5.0 aka Jelly Bean Google phone. Samsung would seem to be a clear favorite but HTC and LG are both lobbying hard for the contract. Will we see a Jelly Bean phone or just a bowl of Jelly Beans at Google I/O this June? Speaking of Android 5.0, rumors coming out of MWC all point to a Q4 release.
Two Windows 8 Tablets Coming From HP
New HP CEO, Meg Whitman has gone on the record saying an Intel-based Windows 8 tablet could be released around the holidays. Word is HP is developing two versions; one using tried and true Intel components and another untried Windows on Arm (WOA) version.

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Speaking of the Galaxy S III

Speaking of the Galaxy S III really good!