Get the Most Out of the Olympics with Your Devices
Every time the Olympics roll around there are more and more options to watch or get info about the events using all kinds of devices. This time around, the Olympics will be available on lots of mobile devices as well streamed to connected TVs and computers. Here's a rundown of some the ways you can enjoy the Olympics on all kinds of devices.
Two Official London 2012 AppsThe "Join In" app is billed as a "planning" app whether you're going to be attending the events or following them remotely. You get all kinds of detailed info about the scheduling of events and all kinds of other info. The "Results" app is pretty much what it says; Along with schedules and results you can get things like medal counts.
NBC Has Many Options Especially for Service SubscribersNot only will you be able to watch the Olympics in High-Def and Surround sound on your HDTV set on cable, satellite or over-the-air but this year NBC says it will be streaming all 302 Olympic events from its LiveExtra site. Unfortunately, you'll have to verify that you are a cable, satellite or telco subscriber that receives MSNBC. NBC "on-the-go" will also be offering a free app, a Live Extra app and website optimized for mobile viewing.
The Official Olympic AppThe United States Olympic Committee has a free app (of course you are encouraged to donate) that is geared more to the lead-up to the Olympics although you do get bios and photos of the athletes.
Some Third Party Olympic AppsFor $.99 you can buy Curly's Pocket Guide to Sports which offers info about the rules and tactics for some sports played in the Olympics. There's a video promo here. For another $.99 you can get Go 2012 which offers an alternative Pocket Guide to the Olympics. And there's always the free "Flag Face" app that paints a flag of your choice on a photo of a face.
Olympics and Social MediaOf course there's an official Olympics Facebook page which doesn't look like anything special, you can also check out the Facebook pages of individual athletes and follow their tweets but this Olympics promises to have the largest social media activity ever as this New York Times article reports. There is some concern though that strict guidelines on using social media by the athletes may make your favorite athletes tweets less sensational.

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olympic app by Reuters

Reuters 2012 is another great app, this one is dedicated to olympic photos...this is particularly good on a tablet...great hi res photos streamed almost constantly...