Will the New Amazon Tablet Re-Kindle the Fire?
Amazon has scheduled a press event on September 6th in Santa Monica, California; one of the centers for streaming entertainment. Speculation is focused on a new Kindle Fire tablet, a new Kindle e-reader, a new media partnership with someone like NBC, an acquisition of someone like Hulu, or even same day delivery of Amazon purchases. Whichever one it is, it could represent a new threat to Apple, Samsung, or other tablet or mobile entertainment device manufacturers. Here are some ways Amazon could "disrupt" this market on September 6th.
No One Else Has a "Prime" BundleCurrently, Amazon Prime costs $79 a year or about $6 a month. So, for about the same cost of Netflix streaming you can get unlimited Amazon VOD streaming, a free monthly loan of an e-book, and free shipping on an amazon purchase. What would happen if Amazon announced it was offering a Fire tablet for $99 (or even $129) along with a Prime subscription? What if they offered a Kindle e-reader for free along with a $79 subscription to Prime? At the moment, no one else can offer as powerful a bundle as this.
How Will Amazon Beat the $199 Nexus 7 Tablet?There's no question that Apple's iPad dominates the market but when the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble's Nook hit the stores, consumers who couldn't justify spending the $499 for an iPad jumped on these sub-$200 tablets. Most recently the $199 Google Nexus 7 tablet went on sale with some killer features like a powerful processor and the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean) that made the Fire and Nook pale by comparison. Both Amazon and B&N need to come up with something to make their tablets competitive with the Nexus 7 not to mention the rumored iPad Mini which may be released in time for the holiday season. Both "booksellers" will have to leverage their content partnerships but Amazon also has a huge shopping service they can use in addition to books, movies and TV shows.
Would You Like an E-Reader With That Tablet?As superior as e-ink-based e-readers like the Kindle and Nook are in bright light, they aren't very readable in low light without some external light source shining on them. Barnes and Noble appears to have solved that problem with their new GlowLight ™ equipped reader that offers a low power backlight that provides a soft light to read by without draining the battery. Amazon is expected to announce their own backlit Kindle possibly at the Sept 6th event. The Nook Simple Touch™ with GlowLight ™ sells for $139 and a backlit Kindle could sell for even less especially if Amazon wants to "subsidize" it with a Prime bundle. That means for less than the cost of an iPad you can have both a high quality tablet and an e-reader.
Amazon Could Include 3G For FreeIf Amazon wanted to sweeten the pot for their new tablet or e-reader they might offer free 3G wireless connectivity. They wouldn't necessarily have to provide free connectivity for online activities like web browsing or streaming video but the ability to download a book or do some shopping on Amazon in places where Wi-Fi is not available could make their mobile devices even more attractive.
Watch All the Videos You Want For the Price of a Tablet Plus PrimeApple TV is a handy device that puts content on your big screen TV and if the rumor of an Apple Television becomes true then buying into the Apple living room ecosystem becomes even more attractive. Amazon streaming video is not only accessible on most tablets including the Fire but it's available on most "connected" devices like HDTV sets, Blu-ray players, game consoles, set-top boxes and more. Despite the fact that some users say Netflix has a better library of streaming movies and TV shows, for about the price of a subscription to Netflix you might be able to get a tablet and Amazon Prime with unlimited streaming…something to consider.
ConclusionAmazon's $199 Kindle Fire tablet came out of the gate with a strong start however its popularity appears to be in decline. The Nexus 7 and the rumored iPad Mini will only contribute to that decline unless Amazon responds with a new and improved tablet package. We think it is likely they will use the value of a Prime subscription that offers unlimited streaming among other benefits to make a super low price Kindle Fire 2 hard to resist. Would a tablet "subsidized" by a Prime subscription be enough to get you to consider passing on the Nexus 7 or rumored iPad Mini? Tell us what you think?

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Kindle Fire 2

I absolutely love my Kindle Fire. I checked out the IPad and other tablets, like the Galaxy but found the convenience of the same size easy to manage and I can do quite a bit with it. I would even upgrade to a KF2. I love the Amazon Prime and the benefits that offers as well. I look forward to hearing what is up and coming for the Kindle. I highly recommend it to anyone who asked about it and even to those who don't.

Kindle Fire vs. Nexus 7

Interesting article!

I purchased a Kindle fire a few months ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed using it, although the OS left something to be desired. I was already a Prime member, so I enjoyed all of Amazon's free content for members.

When Google came out with the Nexus 7, I had second thoughts about the Fire. I've always been a huge fan of Google, and I am a CR-48 test pilot. So I sold my Kindle Fire, and bought Nexus 7.

The OS is fabulous.

I'm extremely disappointed, however, that it is not possible to watch Amazon's free streaming content on the Nexus. Doesn't matter if you are a Prime Member or a Prime Minister!! It's just not compatible.

And IMHO, that stinks.

I'm only keeping the Nexus because of my brand loyalty to Google. I just may end up with one of each, so that I can take full advantage of my Prime Membership.

question concerning Android compatibility with Prime

Thanks JD for the heads-up on the compatibility of Prime with Jellybean. Do you or anyone else know if the compatibility problem is limited to Jellybean or is it all Android platforms? I've been considering an Asus transformer for some time to handle, among other things, controlling song lists and internet radio stations streamed to the planned purchase of Sonos.
I've had Prime for two years now and recently added a Roku for streaming to my hdtv.

Love my Kindle Fire

I like to keep up with the latest and greatest techno gadgets, which is one reason I wanted a Kindle Fire. I have been an avid Amazon purchaser and PRIME member for going on 2 years now, so it was a match made in heaven.

The reason I bought a Kindle Fire was mainly to read ebooks. I didn't even realize I would be able to surf the net. However, since I don't own a "tablet", there are limitations to my Kindle, which is fine with me. For instance, I can't download my drawing programs or MS office, but that's okay. I have puters for that.

I do play games on my Kindle, which can be a bad thing, but overall, it's a GREAT device and I love the library and the movies I can watch for free due to my Prime membership. If Amazon sweetens the deal on upcoming products, I don't think you can go wrong purchasing a Kindle Fire or upgrade.

Kindle and Prime

Linking the hardware with a Prime bundle is great if you live in North America but does absolutely nothing for the rest of the world with no access to Amazon's VOD services.

Amazon Kindle with bundled Prime Service

Of course ---- I will buy an updated Kindle provided it matches at least 75% of Google nexus - and I have Amazon Prime services thrown in. I buy $ 1000 online a year -- will probably be tempted to do at least 60% via Amazon. I feel guilty when I read Amazon reviews and buy from Woot, 1Salesaday,Bensoutlet, DailySteals and others ..

Already prime member

I had the Kindle Keyboard when the Fire came out and I got it for my wife. We couldn't get the email to work with Optonline so we ended up sending it back. I had fought against the Apple bandwagon until I found that my Zune and Creative Zen MP3's both sucked, so I bought a Nano. Then my kids gave me a Touch for Father's day. Then my cell provider (Consumer Cellular for us dinosaurs) provided the Iphone 3GS. So this year I was waiting for the mini-Ipad, but I will wait for the reviews on the new Fire.

Already prime member

I've been thinking about a Kindle fire (like color!), so if they offer a bargain to already Prime Members, I am probably in.

Kindle fire for 'already' prime members?

Yup, yup, and yup to all your possibilities,....but, for 'already' prime members hopefully they will offer some incentives too. My grandaughter is buying a used kindle fire. She is 11, has diligently saved her money, and ALL kindle fires everywhere are sold out. Soooo, everyone is waiting for the BIG announcement and what it brings, obviously a newer, better, cheaper, Kindle Fire. I am an ipad user, love it, but cannot upload photos to my Etsy shop. There better be a change soon Apple, or I will be lured away into a new platform? Maybe the time is now, or Sept. 6th?

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Kindle Fire

I am very disappointed in both the Fire and the Nexus. I want to be able to have a removable media slot and HDMI out to take advantage of my digital content. The ipad does not have it either but it does have an adapter you can buy to do which is not great but it is a solution. This is something that can totaly make or break the systems and a clear fail from apple. I did not expect the same from the Nexus. The Fire what a great advantage to add. Please as change your os and make it so you can take advantage of all of the google and other apps features.



Kindle Fire

I am very disappointed in both the Fire and the Nexus. I want to be able to have a removable media slot and HDMI out to take advantage of my digital content. The ipad does not have it either but it does have an adapter you can buy to do which is not great but it is a solution. This is something that can totaly make or break the systems and a clear fail from apple. I did not expect the same from the Nexus. The Fire what a great advantage to add. Please as change your os and make it so you can take advantage of all of the google and other apps features.

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