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Telepresence Robot is Powered By an iPad
There's a growing segment of the robotic market that involves devices that roll around somewhere offering you the next best thing to being there.

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Great Post

Great Post

Museum and Art Galleries

This will be great for museums and art galleries. Imagine being able to walk around the Louvre for historical artworks or a contemporary art gallery to learn what is new. Schools could tie-up to this telepresence robot and have a virtual tour. A programmed route will make it easy to use for navigational purposes.

At a price tag of 2 grand.

At a price tag of 2 grand. Just a rolling stand that will eventually get knocked over and broken. Really not worth the cost. Plus navigation is limited to only area where there is a smooth surface. Also, the area has to have no clutter. Great idea but still needs work. Just my opinion.

How soon before we start

How soon before we start seeing robots'-eye view videos of people punching these things for intruding?

Many Uses That Few Will Like

Management at several work stations will certainly find this helpful to keep any eye on employees. Same with parents who are uncomfortable with their daughter's choice in boyfriends, or wives and girlfriend's who just don't believe the Guys Night Out story. Clubs, restaurants and bars can provide access for a fee.

Of course, medical facilities will be able to provide diagnostic and instructional tools to long distance and emergency patients and students. Those physically or logistitically unable to travel could gain access to classes, training, social events and actually interact with others. Security services along with home care companies might find this tool useful.