What We Know About an Apple Television?
As the holiday season looms on the horizon, it looks like Apple will have some new products to attract holiday shoppers. September could see a new iPhone with 4G LTE and a larger display. Around the same time we could also see a smaller, more affordable iPad Mini that would compete with the popular Nexus 7 tablet and Kindle Fire.

One product we've been expecting that some analysts say will never happen is a real Apple television. Since we've been following the rumors and have our own opinions on the likelihood of this product we thought we'd share what we know and what we think it might look like.

Recent Signs Point to a Real TelevisionAside from the Steve Jobs' comment in Walter Isaacson's book where Steve said: "I'd like to create an integrated television set…it would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud...it will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it," there are other signs pointing to the likelihood on an Apple Television.

The numbers look good; at a recent D10 conference Tim Cook referenced Apple TV (the set-top box) saying it's "an area of intense interest for us." In May of this year, Apple reported that it was on track to double the sales of Apple TV which could mean over 5M sold by the end of the year. With the ability to mirror what's on your computer on your TV with built-in mirroring in Mountain Lion, the latest Mac OS, the ability to use the big screen along with your mobile devices gets even easier.

Earlier this summer Tim Cook made a rare appearance at Allen & Co.'s retreat in Sun Valley that was loaded with media moguls including Liberty Media's John Malone and DirecTV chief Michael White. Some cite this as evidence that Apple might be lining up content providers in advance of going into the television business similar to how they entered the music business with iTunes and the iPod.

iTV Intellectual Property is AccumulatingApple's patent portfolio is growing in the television category including one that describes a television-type device that gets content from the cloud.
Apple Supplier is Heavily Invested in SharpAccording to Display Search analyst Paul Ganon, in this Cult of Mac article, the Chinese manufacturer of Apple products, Foxconn invested $1.6B in Sharp's TV unit who is capable of making LCD panels up to 60-inches.
What Would an Apple Television Look Like?According to Cult of Mac, the new Apple television will have an iSight camera along with some new face recognition and face tracking software for better FaceTime sessions. Siri integration will be included, presumably for voice commands and virtual assistant tasks and of course it will incorporate AirPlay that will allow you to display whatever is on your other Apple devices on your Apple television. Display Search's Gagnon predicts there will be several models ranging in size from 40 – 60 inches shipping some time in 2013. We're sure Apple will be looking to have the Apple logo positioned prominently in living rooms around the world but we hope Apple delivers something more than just an "integrated" television.
What Could an Apple Television Look Like?Although we suspect Apple will introduce a great LED-backlit, LCD television, we wonder what it would take to make it "insanely" great. Here's our list of a few features we'd like to see in an Apple television:

  • Minority Report meets the television: a Leap Motion Sensing Device or something similar to create a gesture interface that would allow you to change channels with a flick of your finger.
  • A wireless speaker system for surround sound without having to run wires or a great audio with a state-of-the-art sound bar.
  • Person sensing for "personalizing" your television and presence sensing for the environment which would turn off the display when no one is watching the set.
  • Built-in recording ability with all kinds of smarts to anticipate or suggest shows to watch or record. We suspect that Apple will favor a cloud-based solution to video on demand but if they've figured it out we're all for it.
  • Some way to watch HBO, et al without a cable box, how about a cable card slot?
It Could Go Either WayAs much as we believe Apple will grow its business by adding more entertainment devices and an Apple Television would fit that description, it's also possible that what Steve Jobs meant when he said he "cracked" it was the current Apple TV. We should know soon enough.

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I am still confused. What we

I am still confused. What we can do with Apple TV. Is it just like a computer?

Apple TV desirable features

What you missed, I think, in your article about Apple TV desirable features is an easy way of copying saved programs on a DVR hard drive to a DVD just like we can do now with a VHS tape recorder.


Millions of us Brits watch TV through Freeview – internal or external set-top. Freeview gives us over 80 channels of free viewing, and I don't understand the concept of TV via Cloud enough to know if that would exclude us from getting Freeview channels. If it would, the Brit market would be a whole lot smaller. Anyone enlighten me?

Apples TV

They could (and probably would) copy SAMSUNG'S SMART TV!



the Apple Television thing arriving soon.

It could indeed be somewhat of the "farenthite-451" sort of system, only a lot more subtle. It could easily and simply provide huge amounts of information useful to marketers, making the end result unimaginably intrusive. And of course it will be so easy and convenient that all thinking would be eliminated, (shades of 1984), and so it would be one more step towards the enslaving of all of the "Prols". Of course, the reduction of people's ability to focus and pay attention to anything is the other part of the plan.
Think about it: First, reduce the amount of attentio people can bring to bear on any subject, and then confuse thier ability to separate reality from the pictures on the screen, and after that they can be led anywhere.
So while the Apple TV will be a technical marvel, it could be one more step in something a lot less wonderful. And only price to slow it down.
"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a wimper". (from "On the Beach", the book)
NOTE: all of the quotes can be attributed to their original authors, not to me.


"Not with a bang but a whimper" from ON THE BEACH. Are you kidding me? Illiteracy takes many forms not the least of which is someone with a little knowledge proving himself dangerously ignorant . . .

Maybe he/she is a wimp?

Maybe he/she is a wimp?

Apple Tv

What I can see is Apple trying as hard as they can to bring the book Fahrenheit 454 to actual reality. No I'm not a conspiracy nut or anything like that but I don't need a tv with a camera and why did someone in a hacker group just find out the FBI has been tracking millions of Apple uses but yet when that info hits the airwaves we don't hear from any news organization anything about Apple raising any type of commotion about it. This is beginning to smell like 10 day old fish. Maybe it's all just coincidence but I'm seriously beginning to wonder about it.

Apple Tv

Fahrenheit 451 actually.
1984 is another good one where the TV watches you.

Apple TV article

Excellent information, as usual, but check the difference between "site" and "cite".


Cite is right, to say

Cite is right, to say otherwise is a slight from your site, unless you've lost your sight... Jose, can you see? Si!

There is also...


Good katch

Thanks for pointing that out our copy editor (me) must have missed it.

cite or site

Your use of the verb cite is right unless it was corrected from site.