CES 2013: Day 1 Videos
Here's a look at day 1 of CES 2013.
AOL Alto

New email client from AOL called Alto works with lots of web-based email
Cobra radar detector

Latest Cobra radar detector mounts under the hood and connects to phone via Bluetooth. Detections can be shared with community of Cobra users
Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Latest version of Gorilla Glass is even more scratch resistent
DLP in tablet

They say this is the first implementation of a pico projector built into a tablet

Affordable camera that has lots of uses as a nannycam, petca, grandmacam or you-name-it
Lego mindstorm

Latest version of Lego's Mindstorm has new controller that works with, guess what, a smartphone or tablet

Nano material waterproofs your gadgets. For about $59 you can send your phone in and have it "coated" with nano particles that make it totally waterproof
Nector fuel cell

Ultimate powerpack offers 55,000 MHA (compare that to a 2500 NIMh AA) fuel cell that is allowed on an airplane
Plantronics Voyager

Latest version of Plantronics Voyager Legend adds a third microphone for even better call quality
Play fi wireless speaker

Wireless speaker technology and affordable high quality wireless speaker at CES 2013
Play On

We like this better than Hulu - it gets more programs and you can watch it anywhere.
WISA Assoc

Wireless speaker standards organization spokesperson describes what their new standard could do.

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