CES 2013: Day 2 Videos
Aftershokx headphones

These bone conduction headphones felt pretty good and they leave you "situationally aware."
Cerevo liveshell

Interesting products from Tokyo-based electronics company including a video streaming product and tape measurer.
Griffin chargers

Not all chargers are created equal as companies like Griffin Technology knows. If your charger can't deliver the juice your device may not be getting an optimal charge.
Eton charger

Some cool new products from the company that specializes in solar-powered and human-powered chargers, radios and players.
Hi call

Here's a novel product that incorporates a bluetooth headset inti a pair of gloves.
IEEE booth projector

See what happens when you use a "wall" of mist as a projection screen.
Jot touch

A styli for your tablet or phone that had some interesting features like preventing your palm from interfering with your drawing.
Ozaki booth

Here's a look at a very active booth at CES 2013.
NSD Spinner

Novel fitness gadget that puts a spinnng ball in the palm of your hand so you "fight" the gyroscopic effect to strengthen your hand and arm muscles.
Penclic mouse

An interesting pencil mouse that has a whole set of buttons.
Pioneer mulitmedia receiver

This Pioneer product could be a very popular multi-media receiver for cars this year.
Sensus case

Another interesting product at CES 2013 that adds touch capabilities to a phone case making all kinds of things possible - take a look.
Singapore Airlines Suites

Here's the closest most of us will get to the luxury suite on a Singapore Airlines plane. It's basically your own private cabin with a TV and a bed.
Flexible IGZO displays

Video is a little grainy but here's a look at the future of displays - high resolutiona and bendable.
Hyundai NFC tech

Here's a look at some technology that Hyundai is looking at for future models of their cars.
LG home bot floor cleaner

LG has their own robot floor cleaner and here it is.
Inside the Audi booth

Here's a quick walk around the room at the Audi booth with all the new and cool tech stuff.
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Lots of Cool Stuff!

Great CES coverage and demos.

Thanks for this post!

Thanks for this post!

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You are a very clever person!
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