Hidden Gems We Discovered At CES 2013

Despite the major manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and LG attracting huge crowds at their booths to check out the latest 4K TVs, there was still plenty to see all around the show. We especially like to keep a look out for interesting products and technology that may not get as much media attention as the bigger players. Here is some of the cool stuff we discovered at the show:
Sensus Touch Sensitive Case

They call it the world’s first touch sensitive case which not only protects your phone but adds a lot of new capabilities to your phone. With a touch sensitive case you can use the back or the sides of the case as game controllers. It won’t be available until this summer and will cost between $60 and $100.
Rotor Concept Mini-Drone for $499

A company named Rotor Concept was showing off a Styrofoam mini-drone called Livestreamer that sells for $499. The plane has an autopilot so you don’t really need to know how to fly a plane to use this one. It has a half-mile range and a built-in video camera that can stream 720p video.
Ultra Violet Puts Your DVD Collection in the Cloud

We’re not talking about a frequency of light here but a new service that lets you use a code on the case of a DVD you own to add that movie to a library that is maintained in the cloud. Once you register a DVD you own you’ll be able to stream that to different devices for free. The terms seem very reasonable like the fact that up to three streams can be viewed at a time on one account. A lot of the big studios are participating in this “free” service.
Eton Human and Solar Powered Chargers and Speakerdock

We make a point of stopping by the Eton booth every year. This year they showed us a hand-crank charger that provides 30 seconds worth of phone use for one minute of cranking, a solar charger that has a built-in battery pack, and a very cool solar-powered speaker dock that plays music and charges your phone.
Dropcam Helps You “Drop In” On Things ($149)

Although there are several of these type devices on the market, the Dropcam folks think they have one of the easiest ones to set up and use. It has motion detection, night vision and a speaker and microphone for two-way audio. It shoots 720p video and for $9.95 a month you can store up to 7 days of video.
Singapore Airlines Suite; a Taste of the Good Life

At the Panasonic booth we came across an actual suite from Singapore Airlines, something which we probably would never have had a chance to see, that is, what’s available for the rich and famous in airplane accommodations. It’s basically your own little cabin with your own Panasonic TV and full size bed in a private setting.
iPhone Cable in a Credit Card-Sized Package

Here’s a solution for the problem of not having a USB to iPhone (older connector) cable with you when you need it. This cable is about the same form factor as a credit card and could get you a charge from a USB source in a pinch. You can buy one for $25 in a few weeks.
Damson Pearl Bluetooth Speaker and Conference Phone

This isn’t the first company to employ magnetostrictive technology to turn a hard surface into a speaker but it is kind of a cool product. When you place this device on a hard surface the audio quality improves dramatically. You’ll be able to buy one of these in May for about $129 or $199 for two which can automatically pair as stereo speakers.
Autostart Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

The NSD Spinner is like holding a spinning top in your hand. They claim you can strengthen your hand and arm by working against the gyroscopic effect. The price for these products range from $20 - $100.
More CES Videos From Retrevo Can Be Found Here

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