Strange and Unusual USB Gadgets
It’s time again for our regular roundup of unusual USB gadgets. Although some of these may be hard to find or may not work as well as expected but they all get two thumbs up for originality. Although you can find many of these on specialty sites we discovered a good number of them on ebay.
Whether it’s two beef patties in a sesame seed bun or a Swiss Army Knife, if you can imagine it, there’s a good chance it’s been turned into a flash drive. And who can forget the gyrating dog flash drive that is guaranteed to amuse your friends and family.

How about a flash drive filled with beer, or a bottle opener flash drive for the real thing?

The concept is interesting; a tiny vacuum cleaner for getting crumbs out of your keyboard but unfortunately users report that it doesn’t work quite as well as they expected. At least the duck vacuum cleaner looks pretty cute. You can find some USB vacuum cleaners here.

For the low price of $6.99 you can buy a USB disco ball or spend a couple dollars more for a real plasma ball. We’re sure it will impress your co-workers.

How about a $5 USB lava lamp for a good distraction from your work or a “think” bulb that lights up when you come up with a great idea?

Just add water to R2-D2 and it will add some moisture to a dry environment. You may have a problem finding R2-D2 but there are plenty of USB Humidifiers listed on ebay.

You can find an assortment of USB-powered electric toothbrushes with built-in UV lamps to sterilize your toothbrush. Philips sells their Sonicare electric toothbrush for $219 that can be charged from the wall or a USB connection. The Yanko Design group designed a stylish version that doesn’t appear to have ever made it to market. You can also find plenty of affordable USB electric toothbrushes on ebay.

We wouldn’t count on these on a very cold day and they might tend to drain your laptop battery a little faster but they might make a good novelty gift for someone who complains about cold hands or feet. There are warming slippers for your feet and gloves for your hands.

These USB fans can display a simple message and keep you cool at the same time. You can find USB message fans on ebay for less than $10.

There are USB gadgets you can use to cool a can of soda or warm up a cup of tea. For around $13 you can buy a travel cup that works off of a 12V or USB connection and will keep your beverage warm.

And the award for strangest USB gadget goes to this pair of speakers disguised as a pair of stiletto high heels. The product description says they are “perfect for shoes lovers.”

Last but not least, here’s something you shouldn’t leave home without, a USB-powered soldering iron, only $50. Don’t try it on a heavy job as they say it’s only good for “light” soldering tasks.

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If you're going to list the gadgets how about providing the locations where to find them.

where to find them

I tried to list as many locations as I could find and found the best place to start was ebay.

That would be great. It's

That would be great. It's SOOOOOOO hard to google (or bing or teoma or izik or ...) them and find them for myself.