By Andrew Eisner

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The last time you went shopping for a new TV, digital camera, or other consumer electronics products did you find the experience enjoyable? Did you feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and technical jargon? Did you have a nagging doubt that you might have overpaid? Retrevo wondered the same thing and commissioned their latest Gadgetology™ study to find out if consumers are having fun shopping for electronics and whether they feel satisfied with their purchases.

The results confirmed our hunch that buying the right product, at the right time, for the right price can be very difficult despite the huge amount of information available online, in print, and at the store.

The Thrill is Gone
With so many products to choose from it wasn’t surprising to find more than half the respondents thought the process of shopping for electronics was overwhelming and too complicated. Additionally, close to 90% of these same consumers expressed discontent with the electronics shopping process saying shopping for electronics should be more than just reading specs and reviews. With more than 80% or consumers saying shopping for electronics could be more fun than it is, Retrevo couldn’t agree more.
Fear of Obsolescence
With new gadgets and gear coming on the market at a breakneck pace, it’s no wonder that consumers feel very concerned about the product they just bought becoming obsolete soon after the purchase. In the Gadgetology™ study, more than 80% of shoppers said they have purchased an electronics product that became obsolete soon after they purchased it. Retrevo admits that consumers are shooting at movie targets but if the power of an AI-backed database of products and prices can be brought to bear on the problem, buying an obsolete product can be minimized.
Fear of Overpaying
When the Gadgetology™ study asked whether consumers thought they might have missed the best deal and overpaid, 79% of buyers feared the might have paid more than they had too. With prices fluctuating and deals coming and going it’s important to get up-to-the-minute information on pricing and deals. A web-crawling and price analysis engine could help consumers get the best deals.
Poorly Informed and Confused by Tech-Jargon
The Gadgetology™ study found that more than 80% of men and women have at one time or another felt confused by tech-jargon from either a sales person or web site. Making specs and features understandable to everyone should be at the top of the list. At the store, consumers are apparently not only confused by tech-speak but not armed with enough information as almost 80% indicated they have walked out of an electronics store because they didn’t have enough information to make a purchase decision. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert shopping companion with you in the store even in the form of your cell phone?
Retrevo to the Rescue
Retrevo, the web site that makes a business of knowing everything there is to know about buying and using consumer electronics products, has been working day and night for the last six months to reshape their site into the ultimate electronics marketplace where buying electronics is simple and fun again. Retrevo believes the process of buying the latest gadgets and gear should be as much fun as using them.

In this role of consumer advocate and watchdog, Retrevo has created a gadget shoppers bill of rights it calls a Manifesto which addresses the issues of buying the right products, at the right time, for the right price. In the very near future, Retrevo plans to launch a brand new version of its popular web site that will help buyers of consumer electronics easily determine what to buy, when to buy, and where to buy all popular electronics including digital cameras, HDTV, laptops, and more.

Check out the Shopping Manifesto

About the Study
This Gadgetology™ study was commissioned by Retrevo and executed by an independent survey service. The sample size for the survey was 646 distributed across gender, age, income and location across the United States. Standard Deviation for most questions was 0.498 with a Standard Error of 0.019.
Retrevo Is The Source
Retrevo use AI-based technology to make buying consumer electronics simple and fun. Try it yourself! You'll find reviews reviews and manuals) for all the most popular gear and gadgets including, digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, and more.
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