Best HDTV for Watching March Madness

There are lots of good excuses to go out and buy a new high definition TV, and March Madness is one of them. If you’ve watched sporting events in high def you know it’s almost like being at the game. Here are some recommendations for TV sets that got game.  read more »


Gadgets that say "I Love You."

If you want to give your sweetheart a gift that lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers or a helium balloon, consider these fun and personal gift ideas.  read more »


DTV Converter Box Coupon Exchange

Got an extra coupon? Need a coupon? Know someone who does? Here's your chance to do a good deed and help someone who needs a coupon, get one. Right now the government isn't going to get them one so Retrevo set up this exchange to match people with an extra coupon to people who need one.

It's very simple; if someone has an extra coupon that they are willing to put in the mail or have someone pick up all they do is provide Retrevo with their email address and zip code and Retre  read more »


Samsung Touchscreen Demo Part 2

Here's a video that shows what's behind the door of the Samsung powered Coca Cola machine at CES 2009.  read more »


DTV Readiness Test and Free Guide

On February 17, 2009, analog TV signals from television transmitters had been scheduled to be turned off and only digital TV signals would then be broadcast over the air. Depending on whether the incoming Obama administration’s request is approved this may or may not happen on Feb...  read more »


Essential Super Bowl Party Gadgets

The big screen may be the center of attention at your Super Bowl party but these days, in this high tech world of high speed internet connections, other gadgets and gear may be carry supporting roles for a memorable Super Bowl Sunday. Here is a list of...  read more »


Cool Home Phone Alternative

I stopped by the Ooma booth at CES and was very impressed with their product and service. You buy their box for $250, hook up your old phones to it, and you never have to pay anything for phone service, ever (not including, of course, the broadband service). The fellow I talked to, told me when he travels overseas he brings along the box, hooks it up to the internet, adds a handset, and receives calls on his local number as if he was home. You can also be part of the Ooma community that identifies and black lists direct marketers who don't think the "do  read more »


Best Equipped Reporter at CES

Here's a brief video fo Xavier from notebooks.com showing what was in his bag, or should I say scottevest, of tricks that included a cool portable  router from Cradlepoint and a ton of other gadgets.  read more »


Remote Help is on the Way

I saw a couple of help products at CES that caught my eye. Citrix is adding a help package to their "Goto" franchise and appears that they have made remote control brain dead simple. You sign up for a day pass for $10, obtain a key, send the key to anyone

 read more »


CES 2009 Wrap Up

CES was a wonderful show that featured some very cool gadgets and gear. There were gorgeous new, super thin flat panel displays including 120 and 240Hz LCD TVs, Panasonic Plasma TVs that are a few millimet  read more »