Seven Reasons to Get Up at the Crack of Dawn on Black Friday, and Seven Reasons Why Not

On line or On Line? That is the question. Here are seven deals you won’t find online.  read more »


Black Friday Deals and Duds

We're not sure if this is going to be Black Friday or Bleak Friday. Although it looks like lots of retailers will be clearing out some old inventory and presenting many deal prices on products you can buy cheaper online, right now, there are some outstanding deals mixed with all the rest.

To make it even easier to evaluate the deals we display a thumbs up or down assessment based on Retrevo's sophisticated AI-based "sentiment" aggregation technology.

Where to find the best HDTVs, GPS and Digital Cameras
If you have only a few hours to spare, which stores are the best to wait in line for HDTVs, GPS and Digital Cameras? Radio Shack, Circuit City...read more »

Black Friday Strategy Guide
We even put together a handy 20 page PDF strategy guide to give you a competitive edge when shopping. Best of all, it’s free to download here.

Separating deals from duds at your favorite store
Retrevo analyzed all the Black Friday deals from each of the major retailers such as Best Buy Circuit City, Office Max...identified deals from the duds. So you can get most bang for the buck at your favorite retailer...  read more »


Best Deals for GPS

The Best Deals for GPS

Head out to Target, RadioShack and Sears for some good deals on GPS. Magellan Roadmate 1200 and Garmin nuvi 200W both are selling at deep discount at Target. RadioShack is enticing buyers with discounted TomTom One 125 and Mio Moov 300 Portable GPS Receiver. For some good bargains on Magellan GPS, head out to Sears.  read more »


Annotated List of Best Black Friday Forums and Blogs

If You're Looking for Gadget Deals, You'll Like These Links

We've invested a lot of time and energy this year gathering and analyzing Black Friday gadget deals. We put together a 20-plus page PDF Strategy Guide available to download free and some interesting charts that display the difference between the sale price and lowest online price so you can easily separate the deals from  read more »


Kmart Black Friday Deals

Attention Kmart Black Friday Shoppers

Kmart will be open on Thanksgiving Day so if you're still awake after dinner you can wander over to Kmart and pick up a Samsung 42 inch Plasma TV (we'd recommend a newer LCD TV). Kmart is spreading their deals across the days. The killer deal (Friday and Saturday) looks like  the  Sony BDP S350 which although not the newest model, is capable of supporting the latest Blu-ray standard; Profile 2.0.  read more »


Office Supply Stores Black Friday Deals

Office supply stores are not about more than pens and staples these
days, especially Staples. Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples have a
respectable list of Black Friday deals this year. Office Depot appears
to have most of the camera deals but nothing too spectacular. Both
Office Max and Office Depot are offering the Garmin nuvi 205 for $129 that some other stores are selling for $119 while we might recommend spending the extra $20 for the nuvi 205W (wider screen) for $149.    read more »


Radio Shack Black Friday Deals

Okay so maybe not as happening as Sears and Best Buy but Radio Shack has some good deals on GPS like the Garmin nuvi 250W for $169.99, the TomTom One 125 for $99 or the Mio Moov 300 for $129. If you don't want to spring for Blu-ray they are selling an upconverting DVD player with HDMI for a mere $29. Another attractive deal at the Shack is a SmartParts 10.4 inch digital photo frame for $99.  read more »


Target Black Friday Deals

You'll find many of the same deals as the other stores including the very affordable Kodak EasyShare MX1063 for $89 which is similar to the Kodak EasyShare M1063. The 26" Westinghouse LCD TV at $299 could be a good candidate to replace Grandma's old analog TV which won't work after February without a converter box (or cable hookup).  read more »


Circuit City Black Friday Deals

This is the last gasp for the City and they are going all out. Basically the whole store is one big Black Friday sale but we have to say the deals are not all that sensational. There's a Sharp 52"AQUOS LCD TV for $1499 (a little over $200 discount) and a Toshiba 32 inch LCD TV for $449 but we say spend another couple hundred bucks and get at least a 42 inch TV. All we can say is good luck, Circuit City.  read more »


Walmart Black Friday Deals

Waiting for Walmart

Well, Walmart released some deals to get everyone excited and a lot of people have. Frankly we were expecting more. For example, they are offering a Magnovox Blu-ray player for what seems like an amazing price of $129. In fact it's not bad for a player that only started shipping recently however as we predicted, it's one of many Profile 1.1 players being unloaded to make room for the Profile 2.0 players.  read more »