Retrevo Gang Headed For Las Vegas

 CES is about to get underway in Las Vegas on January 7, 2008. Last year HDTV displays were the hot items but Apple stole the show with the introduction of the iPhone. The boys must have made a deal this year because the "rumored" new Macbooks built around Intel's new 45 nm Penryn processor will not be revealed until well after CES ends.

Speaking of Penryn, we expect to see many laptop announcements at the show from manufacturers including Sony, Fujitsu, Aser, Dell, and more. Penryn offers a faster front side bus and lower power requirements. We'll be looking for LE  read more »


MEMC Could Be Next Hot HDTV Feature

This year, the hot new feature in HDTV just might be "motion control motion enhancement," or MEMC. MEMC chips can help reduce blurring in fast-action programming like sports. This has been a differentiation between Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Plasma TVs have had fewer problems handling fast moving subjects than LCD TVs.  LCD TVs have countered with faster refresh rates (120 Hz) and faster pixel response times (8 ms. and lower).

MEMC promises to narrow the gap further. MEMC has been used for some time in the compression and decompression (CODEC) schemes but is  read more »


GPS Windshield Mounts Are Illegal in California

I see more and more cars here in the Bay Area with all kinds of devices hanging off the insides of windshields. I just learned that this is actually illegal in California and Minnesota (I'm pretty sure). Some people think there might be an exception for GPS devices but the California code makes it pretty clear there are only a few exceptions for things you can attach to the windshiled like toll tranceivers behind the mirror and stickers in the corners.


The Best Webcam I've Ever Owned

My daughter relocated to Austin, Tx recently. She had a webcam, I didn't. After a little research on Retrevo  which indicated that Logitech had the edge over Creative I headed over to Fry's. We have the good fortune (or bad) of having a Fry's five minutes from Retrevo World Headquaters in Sunnyvale , CA . I decided to splurge on the high-end Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000  and boy am I glad I did. Webcams have come a long way in the last few years. Th  read more »


Kindle Fans Flame

A week later and lines are being drawn on Kindle. I still want one and think it's a revolutionary product albeit 1.0. Professional critics like John Dvork on TWIT had nothing good to say about it. Michael Arrington on a techcrunch video gave it 2 out 10, up from an earlier 0 out of 10. Robert Scoble has an impassioned critique on his site where he says the designers should be  read more »


Kindle Is Very Kool

Amazon's book reader launched last week to mixed reviews but personally, I agree with others who have said Kindle could be the iPod for books (unfortunately, minus the Apple design touch). In case you missed it, the Kindle which has been in development at Amazon for three years went on sale last week and sold out in less then six hours. Like the new Sony reader, it uses electronic paper that basically only uses power when loading a new page so when wireless networking is turned o  read more »


720P HDTV Is The Best Value in LCD and Plasma

If I was shopping for a reaonably priced HDTV and wanted to get the best bang for the buck, I would seriously consider passing on "Full HD," or 1080p and go for a 42 or 50 inch LCD or Plasma TV. First of all most people can't even see a difference between 1080p and 720p at distances greater than 8 or 9 feet. Secondly most programming coming over the air on cable or satellite is 720p or 1080i. High definition DVDs are the only reason right now to spend the extra bucks for 1080p. Retrevo's new Value Engine scientifically analyzes thousands of products along with features and prices to produce a Value Map that makes it very clear that 720p LCD and Plasma TV sets offer the most bang for the buck.  read more »


Ten Best Gadgets for Students

High Tech Extras for College Kids
Now that you've equipped all the students in your life with computers and cell phones you might want to consider one of these useful gadgets to round out the collection.
USB Flash Drive  read more »


HDTV is already obsolete

An article in EETimes reports that Japan Broadcasting Corporation has being showing what could be the next generation of high resolution broadcasting. They're are calling itSuper Hi-Vision. The new 8K by 4K or 7680 x 4320 resolution is 16 times higher than the current 2K by 1K or 1902 x 1080.  read more »


The Best Lists of What's Wrong With the iPhone

The iPhone is a truly revolutionary product from a design and usability perspectivebut it's not without its flaws. I didn't buy one and maybe this is a way of rationalizing that decision but I recently ran across a few excellent rundowns of some of iPhone shortcomings from some veryknowledgeable technology observers. The List Highlights Despite reassurances that it just takes some "getting used to," the keyboard appears to be the most often mentioned complaint especially for anyone with man-sized hands.  read more »