Retrevo: A TIME Magazine "Best Site of 2011"

Today marks a significant accomplishment for Retrevo.com as our site has, just been named one of TIME Magazine's "Best Websites of 2011!" This is a momentous occasion for our company. When we started in 2006, we didn't foresee the current Retrevo or this momentous occasion for our company. We started on a journey to make gadget search easier with our little vertical
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Why Passing Laws to Force Collection of Sales Tax on Out-of-state Purchases is a Bad Idea

Why Passing Laws Forcing Sales Tax on Out-of-State Purchases is a Bad Idea

By Retrevo CEO & Co-Founder, Vipin Jain

Recently, there has been a lot of passionate debate about sales tax implementation on online purchases. California is the latest to sign into law the collection of sales tax on online purchases made out-of-state through affiliates based in California. This has prompted Amazon, Overstock and others to react and cut ties with thousands of California associates, just like they did in Texas, Colorado, Connecticut, Arkansas, Illinois, Hawaii, Rhode Island and North Carolina. Who is likely to lose in this battle? Amazon? Probably not. The states? Probably yes.

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How I Learned to Love the Robot Overloads

There’s one overwhelming stereotype in American sci-fi films: machines are not to be trusted.  Some day they’ll grow their own consciousness and humanity will be doomed.  
But I refuse to submit to the evil-Skynet notion that permeates so many conversations...
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Retrevolution is Here!

This morning we launched a brand new Retrevo (project name "Retrevolution"). This was a project we undertook in second half of last year, went through extensive consumer behavior analysis in the real-world, brainstorming, arguing, thinking about the information architecture, designing...throwing designs out the window...redoing them, prioritizing, sweating (don't think it was easy work :)) and focusing on the core pieces that would make electronics shopping simple and fun for the masses - that's you and me. We had made good p  read more »


Recession and Our Obsession with Gadgets!

Today's customers, myself included, are more passionate about our gadgets, be it that shiny new petite digital camera with 12 Megapixels, face recognition and optical image stabilization, or that Blu-ray Disc Player exhilirating us with all 2 million pixels delivered in our newly installed home theater system. We want better technology, and more innovation and we're not afraid to pay good money for it.

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Will HDTV Manufacturers and Retailers Pay Penalty for Increasing Prices Too Soon?

Retrevo released its monthly CE Pulse Report today. This report summarizes noteworthy trends in consumer electronics using Retrevo's CE Price Index and CE Demand Index. So what's the highlight for the month of April? Of course HDTVs. While the month of April brought some relief to manufacturers of consumer electronics categories such as Digital Cameras, Camcorders and DVD Players where demand stabilized and showed signs of a rebound, HDTVs continued their downward slide in demand. So what gives? How about a 30% increase in ASPs (Average Selling Prices) from January to mid-April?  read more »


Are CE Industry's Green Efforts in Trouble?

Retrevo recently completed a study of consumers buying behavior when it comes to green products. Of course most consumers (75%) claim that buying green products is important to them. But majority of them aren't willing to pay a premium to buy them -- a staggering 35% consumers said they would be unwilling to pay any premium whatsoever, more than 50% won't pay more th  read more »


Deal of the Day - State of the Art Digital Photo Frame!

One of the challenges with shopping for a consumer electronics product is finding the right product at the right price (leave alone understanding what all the technical mumbo-jumbo is). Now I won't call myself a bargain hunter but I do care about good values if I can find those easily in the limited time I have to research and buy.

Here is a product I have been wanting to buy, a digital photo frame. So tod  read more »


Are HDTVs Still Buzzing on Black Friday?

We are pretty much done with the Black Friday. As I mentioned in my last report on Thanksgiving night, HDTVs were all the rage according to the Retrevo Pulse. Did this excitement continue through the Black Friday? Well, overwhelmingly yes. Two to one from unit volume perspective c  read more »


What's Buzzing Ahead of Black Friday - 1st Report?

As consumers divert their attention from thanksgiving festivities and get ready for Black Friday marathon, where are they likely to be heading a few hours from now? Here are preliminary findings from Retrevo's real-time pulse:  read more »

  1. Did we think people won't buy HDTVs? Well, we would be wrong if we assumed that. Heavy interest in HDTVs. heavy interest in Sharp HDTVs at Sears, Samsung & Sharp HDTVs at Circuit City,