Chip-based memory on video cams

Chip-based memory on video cams

by: Bob Wood
Bob Wood

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Things that make sense to me:

Chip-based memory on video cams.

You lose a lot of complexity and that equals unrelaibility. I've grown weary of having tape-based cameras eat the tape which of course is one that 'means so much to me.' From a manufacturing standpoint, no moving parts except maybe a focus motor on the lens is much cheaper and easier. GO WITH CHIP memory! Another possible bonus: there should be almost no noise (other than the focus motor) that the built-in microphone might pick up.

Wireless microphone.

If you shoot a lot of family, the audio will be spotty, and often you miss some good stuff becuase you are too far away, zoomed in. But a good mireless microphone would work wonders in that situation. Or say you are shooting grandma who doesn't want the camera on her... BUT if you can put the mic on or near her, you can get that great family interaction while you shoot from afar.

ANTI-shake digital still cameras.

This technology gives you the ability to get sharp pictures in less light, well worth it!