The Week In Woot - June 8, 2007

This week the folks at woot try to sell us stuff that no one else wants, and then make up for it with some situational comedy. So even though you didnt want to buy that Sharp SD-HX500 1-Bit Digital 500 Watt Flat Panel Home Theater System, you did get to play North Koreas most popular game and the answer isKim Jong Ill.

Im an only child, so I dont like to share, but apparently 12,750 people do. Thats how many wooters snagged the Logitech PlayGear Share Audio Splitter 2-Pack. The item sold out, but if you did want one but didnt get it, its probably best, since the blogs episode Dustins mall rejection made it obvious that even this gadget wont help you get the girl.

The Sopranos ended yesterday, and in anticipation 3000 wooters scooped up the Hyundai 18v Cordless Drill, hoping to replace the on-screen violence with some mobbish actions of their own. In this blogss drill-bit episode, Dr. Fix-It tries to convince us to give our Dads crap on Fathers Day, but I definitely find Big Trevs use of the product a better-suited use for this item.
Oh, and on a final note, If you need the WeatherX Dynamo Flashlight/Radio with a hand-crank back-up system in case a hurricane hits and youve run out of batteries, its probably time to move.

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