Windows 8 IS not that bad, but....

I loaded Windows 8 on day 1 that is was available. I used it as much as I could that day and really did not have too much trouble adjusting to it. Yes, as a techie, there are somethings they took out of it, that were in Windows 7 and some inconsistencies with the new interface, that kind of disappoints me, but were not show stoppers.

I was hoping to capitalize on the upgrade from Windows 7 Home to Windows 8 Pro that would give me 'remote control' abilities,

BUT.... yes, here comes the big BUT....

I can not keep my Wifi connected when running on my laptops battery. I tried to disable all the power saving features, downloaded all the latest drivers, but still have not been able to resolve the problem.

Here is where it gets bad. My laptop is only a few years old...it has an Intel i5, so you can see it is medium performance laptop. The model I have is not supported by Toshiba under Window 8, so the drivers, etc I have available are really for Windows 7. However, I have noticed some Windows 8 users experiencing this problem with other brand laptops and Wifi controllers, including new laptops coming out with Windows 8 pre-installed, so I hardly think it is a Toshiba specific problem. Even on Microsoft's forums you can find queries about this problem without solutions.

So I think I am at the mercy of MS to fix the problem. In the mean time, as a go-to person for PC advice and troubleshooting, I am telling people to wait to see what happens with this critical issue until it is addressed, before even purchasing a new laptop, Windows 8 pre-installed for Christmas.


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