iPhone flaws

I like the apps and the phone in general, but I have a serious problem with a few things. My contact list is a huge issue. I've had to clean it up a number of times because the iPhone adds the same record multiple time. I've even lost records and had information cross between records. I'm no longer in "The Cloud".

Limited choices for calendar alerts. It should mirror the alert settings more of, I know the competitor, Outlook.

Siri-I think Siri is absolute garbage. Most of the time it won't understand my commands and another BIG issue with Siri is you need a data connection or wifi to use it. I don't connect to data when roaming internationally in Canada (that's another issue) which renders Sir obsolete and takes away the ability to initiate a call hands free thru my vehicle's Bluetooth (a safety issue). I never had that problem with my Blackberry. Oh, did I mention the competition again.

Last, data roaming. I travel a lot to Canada and as a result of exorbitant data charges associated with the iPhone, I only connect to wifi when in Canada. I turned my data on one time and within 15 seconds (yes, literally 15 seconds) I received 2 messages from my carrier that I had already incurred $50.00 in roaming charges yet I had just barely started downloading my emails. I hadn't even read them yet. Again, never had that issue with my Blackberry.

Be careful when changes the data settings on Roaming to voice only. You'll still incur data roaming charges unless you set Cellular Data to off. This shouldn't be this way.

While Apple thinks their at the top of the market, they could use someone like me on the product review board.


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