Digital TV Transition Survival Guide

Download the free 20-page DTV survival Guide
The Guide Contains:
  • A 30 Second DTV readiness test.
  • How to buy and install a converter box using a government issued coupon.
  • Guidance for buing a new digital TV - should you want to upgrade
  • $45 value - free to Retrevo users.
  • FREE to download now!

Here’s my email address. Let me download the Guide and keep me updated on helpful consumer electronics news.
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coupon for converter box

I recieved a coupon for the converter box in September, 08 and then became critically ill. I am still recovering and needless to say was unable to use the coupon before it expired. Is there anyone who has a coupon that they can not use/ don't need, that you would be able to pass on? If so my email is k1p1reed@att.net. Thank you.

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