Seven HDTV Myths, Busted

Seven HDTV Myths, Busted
Be a better informed shopper with these seven facts
about HDTV

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New and Cool
for September

Retrevo's gadget gurus picked out some shiny new gadgets for you including a new laptop from Toshiba that is thinner than a MacBook Air.
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Deal or No Deal?
Navigon 2100 3.5" Portable
GPS Navigator

A GPS with Text to Speech for under $100. See Verdict »
More Deals on GPS from Retrevo's Deal Finder
Retrevo's Gadget Rumors
of the Week

If you love following rumors and speculation about what’s on the gadget horizon then we have some interesting tidbits to satisfy your craving..
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Five Common Gadgets
That Won’t Work in February

In case you missed this roundup in our last newsletter, here's another chance to learn about the DTV transition. You may be surprised to learn that it’s not just your old TV that will stop working on February 17, 2009....
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