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HDTV Buyer’s Kit
Part 5: HDTV Tips & Tricks
In our previous installment, Must-Have HDTV Accessories, we mapped out the essential accessories for your Home Theater HDTV System. If you haven’t bought your HDTV yet, no problem; it’s a good idea to keep this email for when you do. In this installment: we reveal tips and tricks that preserve and polish your new HDTV.
No Chemical Zone
Don’t let unauthorized chemicals come anywhere near your TV. Products like Windex have ammonia which can cause damage to coating. You’re better off using a barely dampened (water) soft cloth. Using newspaper or paper towels can be a bad idea; they scratch your screen. Also avoid spraying water, or any other liquid for that matter, on your screen or TV casing, because it can find its way between the bezel and panel, and then you have real trouble.
Adjust the HD Source
Set your Blu-ray player, HD cable/satellite box, or other HD source to 16:9 for a widescreen picture. You can also set the source aspect ratio setting to “Native” to see the picture in its true form, devoid of stretching and zooming. The idea is to match the source with your TV’s resolution capability. For example, if you have a 1920x1080p capable HDTV, you can set the source aspect ratio to 1080p or at least 1080i. You can set the source of a 1280x720 or 1280x768 capable HDTV to 720p.
No Borders
If you’re holding off on buying a Blu-ray player, you might be able to still get a pretty decent picture by checking to see if your current DVD player or receiver allows for upconverting. Upconverting is a setting used to scale up images to match your TV’s resolution. Otherwise, the video that comes from non-upconverting DVD players and standard definition programming can show up on your screen with big black borders around it.
Listen Up: Insider Audio Advice
1. Be cautious of speakers from a brand not necessarily known for speakers (you know who they are).

2. Make sure the A/V receiver you land on has enough ports, especially HDMI, for future device expansion. Look for an HMDI 1.4 port for hooking up a 3DTV.

3. Listen to speakers before you buy them.

4. Don’t hide speakers behind furniture or put objects in front of them, unless your goal is to substantially dampen sound.

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Must-Have HDTV Accessories
In case you missed the last installment of the HDTV Buyer’s Kit, don’t forget to check out our list of suggestions for great add-ons and accessories to make your new HDTV set look and sound great.

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