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Laptop Buyer’s Kit
Part 4: How to Spot a Laptop Deal
In our previous installment, Mac or PC, we covered the differences between Macs and PCs to help you determine which one is right for you. In this installment, we list three solid tips to get you the most laptop for your money.
Getting a Good Deal
Don’t Be Shy to Buy Refurbished
Refurbished laptops are units that were sent back to the manufacturer for repairs, restored to original factory standards, and then re-released back into the market to fetch a reduced price. They may have a little cosmetic wear or a few blemishes, but it should not affect the performance and can chop the original price down quite a bit. Brands like Apple, Sony, Toshiba, and Dell have refurbished outlets where they list price-reduced units year round. Sites like overstock.com, tigerdirect.com, and buy.com also list refurbished laptops -from most of the big brands. If you go with a Mac, Apple does back their refurbished gadgets with their standard one-year warranty, and for PCs, Dell gives a 1-3 year limited warranty on their refurbished laptops.
Look For Year-Round Sales & Rebates
Check out sites like salescircular.com; they collect Sunday newspaper ads and list sale and rebate offers from retailers such as Best Buy, Office Depot, Radio Shack (or the Shack), Staples, Target, and Wal-Mart. It is important to note that many rebate forms are not available online though, so you may still have to fill out the hard copy, photocopy your receipt, find an envelope, lick the stamp, and drop it in the mail. Prepare to test your patience a bit as well, as it can take 6-8 weeks to receive your rebate check, but it just might be worth it for the savings.
Wait for Black Friday Discounts
Black Friday Laptop Deals are around the corner. Deals may show up as early as mid-October. If savings are anything like last year, expect to see 15-inch notebooks, with minor features missing like webcams, Bluetooth, and such. They usually house slightly older Intel or AMD CPUs, but prices could start around $179-$199 this year. Netbooks with fairly standard features may go for as low as $99. If you plan on waiting in line at 5am for in-store sales, keep in mind that some stores only carry five or so laptops per store, so get there early or bring your camping gear the day before.
Visit Retrevo
For precise feature navigation, and a value map that helps you determine which laptops give you the most value, and for the best prices, visit Retrevo before you buy.

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