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Laptop Buyer’s Kit
Part 6: Laptop Tips & Tricks
In our previous installment, Must-Have Laptop Accessories, we covered the top five accessories for your new laptop. If you haven’t bought your laptop yet, no problem; it’s a good idea to keep this email for when you do. In this installment: we reveal tips and tricks that help you maintain and secure your laptop.
Keep It Clean
Crumbs, dust, and guck can collect on your laptop rather quickly and cause hardware issues if it gets out of hand, so you should clean it regularly. There are four main areas to keep clean: the case, the ports & vents, the screen, and the keyboard. Use a can of compressed air to remove debris and hair from the keyboard, ports and vents. Shoot air at an angle to keep dirt from embedding. For the screen and case, you can use a soft cloth and some basic lens cleaner, like the kind for cleaning prescription glasses. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners like Windex, because they can damage your screen. Paper towels can scratch your screen and tissues can leave behind lint, so avoid them as well.
Do-It-Yourself Memory
Adding RAM can extend the life of your laptop and speed things up.
Doing it yourself is easy and can cut unnecessary costs.

  1. First, log into MyTrevo for your laptop user manual to find the type of memory your laptop takes and how much additional memory you can add.
  2. Purchase accordingly.
  3. Then, before touching the memory or any components inside your computer, discharge the static electricity in your own body by touching a solid piece of metal –effectively grounding yourself.
  4. Next, unplug everything from your laptop, make sure it’s powered off, and remove the battery.
  5. Now, view your manual again to find where your RAM is located. Most RAM can be easily accessed by removing a small panel on the underside of the laptop with a mini Phillips-head screwdriver. If you are replacing previously installed memory, for instance a 2GB stick with 4GB stick, take note of how it’s positioned before unhooking the two clamps on either side and removing it.
  6. Proceed to handle the new memory on the edges without touching any metal parts. Now, gently slide the metal-ridged bottom part of the memory into the memory slot, lining it up with the notch. Gently flatten the memory onto the board until it click into the clamps -nice and easy, you should not have to force it.
  7. Lastly, replace the small panel, replace your battery, plug it in, and start it up.
Keep Your Laptop Yours
Modern theft recovery software is remarkably sophisticated. It lives on your hard drive or in the BIOS. If your laptop is taken or even misplaced, it can send a recovery report with your computer’s current location. These programs can e-mail you, delete files, record what’s being typed, and some will even take a webcam photo of the perp in action. An easy and inexpensive alternative or addition to security software can be to leash your laptop.

Computrace LoJack for Laptops, by Absolute Software, will run you $45 a year, but it can locate your laptop, remotely freeze files (including the OS), and display a custom message on the screen like “Give My Laptop Back” (or saltier messages).

LaptopCop has a recovery team that works with the police to monitor after-theft activity and remotely control your laptop. You can even retrieve and delete files, watch and record what the user is doing, and geo-locate it in real-time within 60 feet. It costs $50 for a 1 year license or $100 for 3 years.

You can keep your laptop from wandering off by leashing it like a pet. Most laptops come with a Universal Security Slot (USS) that can be used to connect a cable or alarm leash. For under $40, you can leash your laptop to just about anything that’s bolted down with a Kensington 64068F. Belkin makes a similar device that sells for around $47 that sounds an alarm if it's removed.

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