Laptop Buyer's Kit - Never Lose Another Manual

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Laptop Buyer’s Kit
Part 7: Never Lose Another Manual!
In our previous installment, Tips & Tricks, we revealed some laptop maintenance tips and security options. Now it’s time to set up your own personal MyTrevo page to store the manual for your new laptop and all your gadgets and appliances.
What is MyTrevo?
MyTrevo lets you toss all your dust-collecting user manuals. You can think of MyTrevo as a product locker where you store PDF user manuals for all your electronics and appliance, so you never lose them. It’s easy to join and it won’t cost you a thing.
Why Should I Create a MyTrevo Account?
You’ll never have to worry about not finding a manual when you need it. Retrevo has over 100,000 manuals for gadgets and appliances. You select them on the site and store them in your product locker where they’re available for you anytime, anyplace.
To Join MyTrevo
You can sign up for MyTrevo anytime. It only takes a few seconds.
To Store a Manual
In MyTrevo, click Add More Manuals to select your device’s user manual. You can search under Brand or Category.

Popular Categories
Laptop Manuals »

Digital Camera Manuals »
LCD TV Manuals »
Plasma TV Manuals »

You can view, download, and store manuals in MyTrevo.

That’s it. You will never lose a manual again. Join MyTrevo today.

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