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What You Need to Know About NFC and E-Wallets
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new emerging technology that will start to appear in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. You’ll use it first to pay for things but it has lots of possibilities. Here’s what you need to know about NFC.
Will We Have to Wait Until
Next Year for a New iPhone?

This week in our gadget news we look at some cool new Adobe iPad apps, some new BlackBerries, a cheaper Kindle and more.
LG 2011 Models at 2010 Prices . . . FREE SHIPPING
Keep your shirt on ware-wolfie-babe, it’s over! I’m leaving you and your sub-par TV for that hot vampire in my science class. He’s got the LG LCD HDTV from Retrevo and it doesn’t matter if we’re watching that TV at twilight or in sunlight because this LG HDTV automatically adjusts the picture to the color and brightness of the room, and it uses 30% less energy than other HDTVs. No more calibrating on my own. I am so switching to the other team.

LG 32" LCD 1080p 60Hz Energy Star
(32LK450 )
was $499 20% OFF

You’ve heard other TVs say, “When I turn sideways, I’m almost invisible,” – well, with me, it’s true, and it’s because I’m made from super-slim, super-energy saving LED technology. This means that your whole room will look more spacious, with me on the wall. I’m a stylish, attractive 720p model that’ll make your friends jealous, but that’s okay. We’re solid and I think our relationship can handle a little heat.

LG 32" LED LCD 720p 60Hz Slim Profile
was $599 22% OFF

If you’re looking for an HDTV with a little more, forget those other gals. I’m not a pageant queen who think “the maps” are the solution to world hunger. I’m the hot 42” LG LCD Smart HDTV that’s Wi-Fi ready, with TruMotion 120Hz Intelligent Sensor, Picture Wizard II and I’m Energy Star qualified. I’m smart, sleek, and ready to give you countless hours of HDTV watching, so let’s not waste any more time judging, shall we? I’m here to win!

LG 42" LCD 1080p 120Hz Smart TV WiFi
was $899 22% OFF

Let’s talk Blu-ray for a moment because frankly, I’m concerned that most people don’t understand what’s so freakin’ special about me. First of all, I’m 3D ready. You give me a 3D Blu-ray disc and I’m there! I’m also DLNA certified and I’m Wi-Fi capable. I can give you access to a virtual world of entertainment, music, videos and photos from your home network. Don’t think of me as a wallflower. I’m here to shine and it’s only fair that we’re on the same page.

LG 3D Blu-Ray Player Integrated WiFi
was $249 21% OFF

I’m up in here with my crew and we be bumpin!’ Yes people, I’m the LG 3D Blu-ray home theater system with Smart TV and I’m takin’ names! I’m packing a 3D Blu-ray player, super awesome 5.1 channel Dolby True HD certified speakers, and I’m DLNA certified. Just hook me up with one of those HDTV hotties at the top of this email and let’s give them something to talk about!

LG 3D Blu-Ray HTIB 1100W 5.1 Channel

was $429 21% OFF

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