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Dear Valued Reader,

We recently found out that some of the email from Retrevo may be going into your junk email folder. To ensure delivery of our newsletters into your inbox, please take a minute and add us to your address book. The steps to do this for AOL are below. If you use a different email client, please check the full list here.

AOL® Users and AOL® Webmail Users:
1. Open your email message.
2. Click on 'More Details' at the top of your email message.
3. Hover mouse over the From address.
4. Our email address is automatically placed in the email field in the "Add Contact" pop-up box.
5. Add additional contact information.
6. Click on 'Add Contact'.
7. Our email address will be automatically entered into your AOL Address Book.
If you encounter any problems, contact AOL Support.
We hope you continue to enjoy our deals and articles. Please do share your comments by writing to us at: editor@retrevo.com

The Retrevo Team

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