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Exclusive: On the Road With Guy Kawasaki
If you’ve been in the Silicon Valley for more than five minutes, you’ve heard about Guy Kawasaki. As a prominent public speaker, the founder of Alltop.com, and a partner at Garage Technology Ventures, Guy Kawasaki is on the road a lot. But what about Guy’s Gear? In this Show Us Your Gear exclusive Guy reveals the gadgets and technology that helps Guy him get the job done.
Guy Kawasaki's Gadget List
Nikon D90 “The reason I have a DSLR is it’s the first digital slr that shoots video.”
InCase iPhone Slider "It effectively doubles the life of an iPhone battery.”
Bose Headphones It’ a must-have for travel
Power Strip with USB “A lot of times you go to the airport and you see the one guy with his Dell, sitting next to the one outlet in all of San Jose, hogging all the power. With this you can go up to him and say, “How about I stick this in and three of us can charge stuff?””
Airport Express Station “I can create my own little wireless network.”
Countryman E61 “This is the best microphone. You show up at a speech and you say to the AV people, I have my own Countryman E6I and they say, woah, this guy knows what he’s doing!”
Logitec (Nano or Vano) Mouse “The beauty of this is that the usb dongle is tiny.”
Clear Card “This helps me get through 30 airports in the United States in under five minutes.”
Audi Q7TDi Diesel It’s direct from Audi headquarters.
Dash GPS unit Live traffic conditions based on other Dashes
Celebrity Gadgets
Miley Cyrus
uses the
LG Voyager
Barack Obama
uses the
Blackberry 8830
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Guy Kawasaki's Bag?

Thanks for the list of items--but what type of bag was Guy showing in this video?

Guy's Bag

I just got a Tweet from Guy, and he said the bag is a "Booq Python".


What backpack was he using?

I'm very interested in the backpack that Guy was using. Do you know what make and model it was?


Loved the interview!

Electronic Wedding Gifts - Are You Kidding??!

Barring a request, I would never consider giving an electronic device of any kind as a wedding gift. Wedding gifts should be essential items (kitchen & table ware, linens, furniture, house ware, etc.). It's not very easy to eat food from a camcorder (!!) or dry yourself after a shower with a Blackberry!!

Cell Phones

Not really interested in what cell phone President Obama uses. He should focus more on selecting his Cabinet members more wisely. His Cabinet is already ladened with incompetent and incapable individuals.

I signed up with Verizon about 3 3/4 years ago because I kept having my calls dropped by Sprint. Verizon's reliability is much better than Sprint's, but I had to instruct the former to disable texting on my account as I was getting unsolicted text messages and being billed for them! I don't text!