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Exclusive: With Jim Louderback
Revision3 CEO, Jim Louderback likes products with standard batteries because like many of us, “I always forget to charge stuff up.” Join Jim and Retrevo’s Andrew Eisner for a look behind the scenes at Revision3 at the tech that goes on the road. Apple fans warning: there are a lot of non-Apple products in this segment.

Jim, as you’ll see in the video is a practical guy who prefers products with regular batteries: “I always forget to charge stuff up.”

Jim Louderback's Gadget List
G1 Google Phone I don’t go for any of that iPhone nonsense… I have a Google Phone… It’s like having a science project in your project. Anybody can put up any application they want.
JVC Headphones They’re about the third the price of the Bose headphones. With the Bose, when the batteries don’t work, the headphones don’t work.
Dell XPS 1330 I don’t travel very heavy. You’ve gott’a have a notebook computer. I have a dell xps1330… It’s got Discreet graphics on it & a Verizon card built in… that’s important because I never know where I’m going to be….
Zune I don’t carry an iPod… I carry a Zune. I don’t really see a big difference between these music players.
Dell Travel Adapter My travel adapter from dell is really cool. This is a special auto-air ac adaptor… it’ll plug into your car or an airplane adapter.
Kodak Zi6 I’m taking video of you taking video of me. It’s got USB, HD 720p and it’s got a nice big screen. It’s got a switch to go from close-up to far away mode… And it runs on double-A’s!
Microsoft “Flat Mouse” This is a freebee that Microsoft gave me… a little flat mouse runs on a standard USB cable.
What Jim would like:

I think it’d be nice to have a handy little GPS to carry around with me. I wouldn’t mind carrying around a little camera. I saw Craig Newmark’s little camera and I thought, wow, that’s pretty cool.
Celebrity Gadgets
Miley Cyrus
uses the
LG Voyager
Barack Obama
uses the
Blackberry 8830
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