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Don't Just "Like" Earth. Really Like It.
Over 500 million people spend 30 minutes every day on facebook. This Earth Day, Retrevo is giving you a challenge. Don’t just “Like” Earth – really “Like Earth!" Step away from your computer for one day and take those 30 minutes to do something green. Click Here to learn about 10 things you can do in under 30 minutes to better the planet!

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Retrevo's Gadget Census - Did You Know...
By the year 2020 there will be so many old, unused, or broken computers, printers, cell phones and TVs, they could fill enough dump trucks to circle the earth twice? Click here to learn about Retrevo's Gadget Census and the state of e-waste today.

Retrevo's Green Gadget Guide
This free PDF explains what makes gadgets green, and how you can save energy and money using consumer electronics (remember, no printing). In this comprehensive free guide to gadgets and the environment you’ll learn:

• What makes gadgets green
• What do the ratings mean
• Tips and Tricks for greener living with gadgets
• Why game consoles are bad for the environment
• What are some of the coolest new green gadgets

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