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Best HDTV Sets to Replace Your Old Analog TV
Here's a list of some top rated TV values in case you want to replace your old analog set.

On February 17, 2009 TV broadcasters will stop transmitting analog signals and will transmit only digital signals. If you have an old analog TV and get your signal over the air through an antenna, you’ll need to buy a converter box to make your old TV work.

If you have been looking for an excuse to move up to digital TV or all the way to HDTV or need a good argument for your spouse or significant other to justify buying a new TV this could be the perfect time.

HDTV sets come in a wide variety of sizes and prices. Here’s a list of suggestions to replace your TV or grandmas old analog TV with something flatter, more energy efficient and better looking.

Replace that small TV in the bedroom, kitchen, or next to grandma’s rocking chair
We’d recommend something in the 22 inch to as large as 37 inch depending on how big your bedroom is. Remember it is hard to tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on a set smaller than 37 inches so you can save some money and buy one of these small 720p TVs

Sylvania LC195SL8
You can buy this bare bones 720p 19 inch LCD TV for well under $300. You don’t get HDMI ports but if you’re going to hook up a pair of rabbit ears and watch digital TV then this is a pretty good value.

The Samsung LN-T2353H
The 23 inch, Samsung LN-T2353H is a 720p LCD TV that gets good marks from users for picture quality and sleek piano black design. This TV would go well on the kitchen counter or in a small bedroom. It sells for $600

The 26 inch, Sony BRAVIA KDL-26M3000TV is another 720p set that costs $700 It gets good reviews for picture and sound quality.

The 32 inch, LG 32LB9D TV is a 720p LCD TV with 3 HDMI ports, and costs just under $700. It gets high marks for picture quality.

Sharp LC37D64U
A 37 inch TV is about the size where you might start to notice a difference between 1080p and 720p. This 37 inch 1080p LCD TV sells for just under $900

Replace that old RCA wood cabinet in the living room
For the living room we recommend something in the 42 inch to 50 inch for most average sized rooms. You can also go big with a very reasonably priced rear projection TV or very expensive large screen Plasma TV.

The 42 inch LG 42PC5D is a 720p set for under $1000. It’s a good value and should be perfectly fine for grandma’s living room or even your back bedroom. It gets high marks for looks and picture quality.

This XBR4 series, 46 inch LCD TV is a popular and highly rated 1080p HDTV set. It offers 120 Hz refresh for improved presentation of movies and reduction of blurring of fast action scenes. It’s a little on the pricey side, selling for around $2,000.


Samsung LN46A650 is a 46 inch, 1080p LCD TV that has 120 Hz refresh
and 4 HDMI ports. You can buy it for around $1600

Panasonic TH-50PZ750U
Plasma TVs become very competitive at sizes of 50 inches and more. This Panasonic 50 inch 1080p Plasma costs around $1700. It gets very high marks for deep blacks and rich colors.

Mitsubishi WD-7373673
You can get this 73 inch monster RPTV (rear projection) for around $2400. The 1080p DLP set, gets high marks for good value. At 96 lbs. it’s actually lighter than the 50 inch Pioneer Plasma.

Replace that old portable TV you take on vacations
Satellite TV users should not be affected. The satellite receiver box should continue to provide the analog signals that you current TV may require.

Haier HLT71
The Haier 7-Inch portable LCD TV has an ATSC tuner so it will receive the new digital signals coming this February. The rechargeable battery is rated at 2.5 hours. This portable TV weighs just under 3 lbs, is a bestseller on amazon.com and will cost you a little over $100.

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