Help Understanding the Retrevo Value Map

Retrevo Value Map

The Retrevo Value Map is a very powerful tool that allows you to visually compare products by their real-time value.

Price and value are not the same. The Retrevo Value Map gives you a smarter way to find the best product your dollar can buy. This allows you to easily see which products offer the greatest value – or best bang for their buck – according to Retrevo.


You can use the Retrevo value map to compare products and gain new insight into how products stack up when viewed from a valuation perspective rather than price or a list of features. And better yet, values reflect current conditions, not something that was rated months or even a year ago. This is very important given the rapid changes in electronics products where thousands of new products are introduced and prices change on a regular basis. A camera that was priced at a good value just 3 months ago may not be such a good value today.

The Retrevo Value Map is easy to read. Just think “top shelf” when you want to know where to look for the best values.


 Value Map- Good Value Example - digital camera

To find the best value for a given price range, just look at the bottom of the value map and find your price range. Then move up the map. Better values are towards the top.

Fair values are in the center and low values are on the bottom.   

 Retrevo Value Map - Low Value example digital cameras


The same navigation works across categories. Here’s the same value map for TV’s. The top has the best values. In this case the LG 47LG70 is ranking number one in value for the users product match results.

Retrevo Value Map - good value example TVs


And lower show the TV’s with the lower values.

 Retrevo Value Map - Low value example TVs

Numbered Push Pins are shown to represent a product’s placement on the value map, on top is better. The numbers on a pin corresponds to the ranking of the products within the results.

Hover over a pin to display the Retrevo Value Rating, Community Sentiment and the price range across all the difference sellers Retrevo found. The active pin will change to gold and the filmstrip will rotate to show the hovered product in the center.

Hovering over a grey dot will also spin the filmstrip to that specific product but will not change pages.
Clicking a grey pin will paginate to the page that specific product is listed. We display up to 10 products per page so if the product was ranked number 32, clicking the pin will go to page 4 where items 31 – 40 are listed, with the filmstrip centered on product 32.


How Does Retrevo Calculate Value?

Value is determined by the Retrevo Trevolysis technology. We first determine the price-feature position of each product by analyzing hundreds of thousands of product features (e.g., viewfinder type for a digital camera) and current prices. But value includes more than price and specs; user satisfaction is also a good measure of the utility value enjoyed by consumers. We factor in the overall community sentiment, their attitude of the product if you will, into our value assessment. We then determine the fair value of each product based on its community sentiment, feature set and our proprietary mark-to-model valuation technique. 

A Value Rating is computed for each product that reflects the deviation of the current price of each product from its fair value. Since the market conditions change on a daily basis and new products with new features are introduced frequently, a product’s fair value and Value Rating assessment also changes constantly. This analysis is completely algorithmic and automated. It aims to provide a holistic and objective fact-based product evaluation. For a more detailed description, read the details on Trevolysis here.

We use a universally understood "Thumbs" graphic to represent value.

Here's the explanation of the potential value results for each product:

What do These Mean?
The Retrevo Value Assessment
We are the first to derive a fair price for every selling product based on its capabilities and price. Our goal is to empower everyday consumers to find smart buys- even if they don't like to spend time searching products.
Expert and User Opinion Sentiment
Community opinion is a good validation check before deciding to buy a product. Reterevo makes this easy by aggregating ALL the expert and user opinions from all over the web and synthesizing them into a single overall community sentiment
Good Value means a product is selling at a discount to its fair price
Positive means both experts and users like the product
Fair Value means a product is selling at a price in-line with its capabilities
Neutral means reviews and options are mixed or the community is just OK with the product
Low Value means a product is selling at a price higher than its fair price
Negative means that both experts and users did not like the product
means we did not have enough credible reviews and input to provide an assessment
To read about the Retrevo Value Map click here.