Retrevo Marketplace Fees

Merchants agree to pay Retrevo, Inc. various fees for each order that they fulfill and deliver to customers in accordance with the fee schedule below. Referral fees are a percentage of the total proceeds from sales of products, which includes the product price and all shipping & handling charges, but excludes any taxes and customs duties. The closing fee is a fixed amount per item.

Fee Schedule Category
Referral Fees
(% of total proceeds)
Closing Fees
(Fixed amount per item)
Consumer Electronic and Computer Products
Consumer Electronics and Computer Accessories

Remittance of Sales Proceeds and Refunds. Every 2 weeks, or, at our option, more frequently, we will remit to you any Sales Proceeds less Refunds, minus the Fees due to Retrevo. We reserve the right to withhold the payment of funds to you or to return funds to the Customer if we are currently investigating any claim or any suspected or alleged wrongful conduct by you or any violation of this Marketplace Participation Agreement, and you agree that we will not be liable for any such amounts. Should the total amount due to you fall below zero, you agree to (i) promptly remit the required balance to Retrevo or (ii) allow Retrevo to offset the amount from any future payments to you. If you change your account information, we may delay any remittance of sums due you by up to seven (7) days.