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As one of the largest consumer electronics shopping and review sites, Retrevo.com is a thought leader in both trends and opinions and is widely sited in prominent media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Smart Money, MSNBC, Reuters, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, and The Los Angeles Times.

“It’s lightyears ahead of mere shopping sites...”

By Stephanie Rosenbloom & Claire Cain Miller
Retailers Extend Bargains Throughout Holiday Season
“It looks like a real mixed bag of deals and duds,” said Andrew Eisner, director of content for Retrevo, a Web site that reviews consumer electronics and recommends where and when to buy them. Many of the gadgets on sale this Friday will be outdated models, he said, like navigation devices without speech capability, Blu-ray players without Internet connections and digital cameras without face- recognition technology.

Is Black Friday Moving Online?
In an interview, Andrew Eisner, director of community and content for online electronics storeRetrevo.com, told Stacey that it had been a busier day online than in stores. “We may be starting to see a trend toward a Black Friday online or even Thanksgiving Thursday online,” he said.

By Byron Acohido
Stripped-down Windows 7 for netbooks disappoints many
That disclosure comes from a recent survey by Retrevo, a web site that amalgamates consumer electronics product reviews. "We think consumers will be unpleasantly surprised when they discover all of the features they're missing with Windows 7 Starter," says Andrew Eisner, director of content at Retrevo.

By Tim Beyers
The Coming E-Book Boom
The kids are headed back to college, but with fewer Macs. A recent survey from consumer electronics website Retrevo says that 49% of students plan to buy Windows laptops and 34% want netbooks. Only 17% said they would buy Macs. What happened, Apple(Nasdaq: AAPL)? Last March, a Morgan Stanley study found that 40% of college students planned to buy a Mac. Sure, these are different surveys from different providers with different methodologies, but the gulf is enough to suggest there's been movement in market sentiment. What gives? Retrevo's answer is, not surprisingly, the economy. Kids or their parents aren't willing to pay $1,000 for a new Mac when they can get a comparable PC from Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) or Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) for much less. Or better still, a netbook for as little as $200.

By Christopher Null
One-third of shoppers hoping to score a TV on Friday
Hoping to get a cheap TV on Black Friday? Yeah, so is everybody else. A Retrevo survey of 1,100 visitors to the online shopping comparison website found that nearly 1/3 of shoppers said they're hoping to purchase a new TV the day after Thanksgiving, spurred on by the promise of enormous discounts, many of which have been leaked to the public in advance. With prices at all-time lows, I suppose it's virtually impossible not to jump on the discount wagon despite the risk of out-of-stock situations and fisticuffs erupting over that last screen in the store.

By Tim Byers
Is Apple Making a Huge Mistake?
The kids are headed back to college, but with fewer Macs. A recent survey from consumer electronics
website Retrevo says that 49% of students plan to buy Windows laptops and 34% want netbooks. Only
17% said they would buy Macs.

By Gabriel Madway
E-readers seen as holiday hit, presage tablet PCs
E-readers seen as holiday hit, presage tablet PCs e-readers are growing in popularity. A study by Retrevo, a website specializing in consumer electronics, found they beat the perennial favorite, MP3 players, on the holiday wish list this year, with 20 percent of respondents planning to buy an e-reader...

By Suzanne Choney
Nokia’s netbook raises the bar — and the price
A recent survey by consumer electronics shopping site Retrevo.com asked more than 700 shoppers about how much they would be willing to pay for an Apple tablet computer, something that has been rumored for much of this year. The results are an indication of how much wallets will open for a device that has been so highly gossiped about on blogs. "If Apple wants to grab a larger market and get in on the netbook craze it will need to attract PC owners to generate significant sales," Retrevo.com said on its blog. "To convert PC owners to Apple owners, Apple needs to consider a (close to) $600 price point for the tablet and they should not delay bringing it to market.

By Mark Milian
Is the iPhone romance fizzling out?
Among the damning statistics, Apple phone users are more attracted to other gadget owners rather than those with a college education, according to the Retrevo survey of 247 iPhone owners nationwide. Oh, and they also end relationships via text messages and e-mails, according to the survey, which is caused by their significant others spending too much time on their phones a quarter of the time.

By Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Do you have a digital addiction?
A recent social media addiction study by Retrevo reveals 27% of those surveyed under 35 years old admitted to checking their social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook more than ten times a day. Thirty-six percent of the 35 and under group admitted to updating their platforms right after having sex, while 40% in this same age group admitted to updating while driving.