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A Mobile Internet Device is a small, 4” to 7” touch screen device, designed to bring unique and personal experiences in a pocketable form factor.

Intel® Atom™ processor-based Mobile Internet Devices pack lots of great features into one pocket-sized device. VOIP, video, and a real Internet experience—they’re designed to deliver what you want. You can chat with friends, surf the Internet, send and receive email, watch TV and video, and more. And with long battery life, you can spend more time on the go.

Designed to run everything online. No wait. No worries. Unlock the near limitless power of the Internet on the go with VOIP, online video, streaming music, IM and more.

Never miss a movie, or a move. Whether watching a flick or gaming online, full support for HD video playback and animation deliver mobile entertainment like you always dreamed.

Run your favorite programs. Without running out of juice. Get the multitasking capabilities and battery life you need to stay productive without slowing down.
The Intel® Atom™ processor

The Intel® Atom™ processor brings Intel’s industry leading PC technology to a new wave of connected devices, as well as traditional devices that haven’t been connected before. With the Intel Atom processor inside, it’s easier than ever to be in touch, entertained, informed and productive.

Intel's smallest chip. Built with the world's smallest transistors¹.

"This is our smallest processor built with the world's smallest transistors. The Intel® Atom™ processor is based on an entirely new design, built for low power and designed specifically for a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices and simple, low-cost PC's. This small wonder is a fundamental new shift in design, small yet powerful enough to enable a big Internet experience on these new devices. We believe it will unleash new innovation across the industry."
– Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney

Newly designed from the ground up, 45nm Intel® Atom™ processors pack an astounding 47 million transistors on a single chip measuring less than 26mm², making them Intel's smallest and lowest power processors.¹ All this while delivering the power and performance you need for full Internet capabilities.+

For more information, please visit www.intel.com/go/atom.

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