Gadget Hits and Misses of 2008 Revealed by Retrevo

Retrevo Pulse Awards Recognize the Best and the Most Overhyped Consumer Electronics Products of the Year

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--  The consumer electronics experts at Retrevo® today revealed their AI-based list of the best as well as the most overhyped gadgets and electronics products of 2008.

The Retrevo Pulse Awards for best products go to those that have been recognized for high quality, generating a high level of demand among consumers, rich feature sets, and most importantly, high value. Retrevo gadget experts made their final selection based on the analysis performed by Retrevo Pulse that sifts through vast amounts of data for popular product categories and analyzes the behavior of millions of users, along with their level of interest in particular products, reviews from experts and users, and pricing data to identify trends.

“This was an exciting year for those of us who are passionate about the latest gadgets and electronics,” said Vipin Jain, CEO of Retrevo. “There were several exceptional and innovative new products introduced this year across categories such as HDTVs, digital cameras, GPSs and laptops. There were also some products that didn’t quite live up to their market hype, for any number of reasons. We hope you enjoy our list and I encourage you to submit your own hits and misses in the comments thread on our blog.”

This year’s Retrevo Pulse Award picks were:

Retrevo’s picks for the five most overhyped consumer electronics products launched this year were:

Visit the Retrevo Blog to learn more about why these products were selected for both lists, or to submit a comment.

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