It’s Daylight Saving Time Again – Don’t Forget the Clocks on Your Electronics Products Too!

Retrevo’s “Set Your Clock” Program Helps People Quickly Find Out How to Change the Time on Thousands of Consumer Electronics Products

WHAT:     Retrevo®, a matchmaking service for people and electronics, has created a free, online search tool that lets you instantly find instructions on how to change the time on thousands of electronics products. Many of these products were originally designed to automatically change their internal clocks; however, in March 2007, the US changed the dates Daylight Saving Time begins and ends, which can confuse devices’ automatic systems. Now many of the electronics products we own need to be changed manually. Unfortunately many people don’t remember how to set their clocks and can’t find their manuals for the instructions. With the Retrevo “Set Your Clock” program, it’s easy to find exactly how to change the time on just about any of your electronics.

Daylight Saving Time begins March 8, 2009.

WHERE:     http://www.retrevo.com/setyourclock

WHEN:     Available immediately

HOW:     Anyone with an electronic gadget or gizmo – from a clock to a digital camera to a DVD player or TV – can go to http://www.retrevo.com/setyourclock, type in the brand and model of the product. Retrevo will search through thousands of product manuals and instantly present instructions on how to change the time for your device. You can also search by brand or product category. Use the “Set Your Clock” service for every electronics device in your home and you’ll save lots of time and frustration.

WHO:     Retrevo (www.retrevo.com) is the first matchmaker for people and electronics that makes finding, buying and using electronics products simple and fun.

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