iPods Are Wedding Gift Faux Pas Says Retrevo Gadgetology Survey

Camcorders are the New Blender


SUNNYVALE, Calif. – June 1, 2009 – The response was overwhelmingly positive: consumer electronics are not only acceptable wedding gifts, they’re the gift of choice, according to the new Retrevo® Gadgetology study that reveals how people feel about giving and receiving consumer electronics (CE) such as digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, or other  popular gadgets as wedding gifts.

With 52% of respondents preferring CE wedding gifts, the category came in ahead of other, more traditional gift categories including large and small home furnishings, kitchen hardware, and kitchen appliances. Both men and women who participated in the study listed a camcorder at the top of their CE wedding wish list (38%). Digital cameras came in second (24%). Surprisingly, however one gadget came in last: the MP3 player.

While Apple’s iPod is still the hottest gadget in the MP3 world with a recent Piper Jaffray study indicating 100% of teens will buy an iPod and no other MP3 player, less than 2% of Retrevo’s survey takers claimed to want an MP3 player as a wedding gift.

Retrevo’s Director of Content, Andrew Eisner explains the MP3 player discrepancy. “In the traditional sense, wedding gifts are practical, coveted, or sentimental items that the couple can share,” says Eisner. “Wedding gifts are intended to help the couple in this new phase of their life. Not only do most newlyweds already have an MP3 player, but it’s a gadget that tends to isolate the recipients rather than bring them together. The bottom line; if you’re going to give someone a wedding gift, get them a camcorder, not an iPod.”

Eisner adds, “Speaking of camcorders, the latest crop of high definition camcorders are small, lightweight, and reasonably priced. The video looks great on HDTV sets too. Retrevo’s Camcorder Product Advisor helps consumers select the right camcorder for the right price.”

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