Google's Curious Chrome Gambit



Netbooks Are Hot, MacBooks Are Not

Meanwhile, the netbooks market is heating up as the recession bites into consumers' wallets. ITIC projects that netbook unit shipments will double over the next year, although they have a small base at present.

More expensive laptops, however, may suffer. A survey by online consumer electronics recommendation site Retrevo found that most students won't consider buying a Mac because they can't afford one. Thirty-four percent of the more than 300 people surveyed said they'd buy netbooks, while 49 percent said they would buy full-sized PCs.

The release of Windows 7 on Oct. 22 will further hit Mac sales, Retrevo president and CEO Vipin Jain told LinuxInsider. "We think Windows 7 is likely to change the playing field for Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) More about Apple in the laptop category."

That will also open up the market for Google, if it can keep its eye on the ball. Click Here to read more.