New Sony Walkman(s) (Walkmans, Walkmen, Walkpersons?)
Look out Apple, Sony is not going to take the new Nano announcement lying down. The new Walkman players introduced in Japan range from 8GB – 32GB and will cost from around $150 - $280. A new super-thin walkman with a 2.8 inch OLED display goes on sale in Japan on October 31st and will cost about $440 for the high-end version. By the way, is there a Sony version of the Apple Store? Can anyone tell me? Update: thanks for the info on Sony Stores, I was looking more for an iTunes store.

HP DreamScreen
More than just another digital photo frame, the new HP DreamScreen can stream music, pictures, or videos through a wired or wireless connection. It can stream Pandora music or access web sites. It will come in two sizes 10.2 inch for $249, and 13.3 inch for $299. Kind of looks a little like an Apple

Archos and Android
Archos, a French company that has been making portable entertainment devices like the Jukebox MP3 player announced the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. It runs Android, has a 4.8 inch touchscreen display with an 800 x 480 resolution. Archos has their own App Store which offers Android apps. Prices for the tablet range from $249 to $439. Early reviews indicate this is an interesting device with a lot of potential but a few rough edges.
HP Mini 311
It’s getting closer to October 18 and if you’re in the market for a new computer you have to be asking yourself, “Do I wait and buy a new computer with Windows 7 and all the right drivers installed?” You can buy the latest netbook from HP, the HP Mini 311, with Windows XP on September 23’d or wait until October for Win7. This notebook sounds very interesting; it features an Atom CPU and an Nvidia ION graphics processor which could make for some nice game playing or high definition video watching. It has a big 11.6 inch (1366×768) display, 92% full sized keyboard and HDMI out. Prices start at $399.
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Sony retail stores (US)

Hi Andrew,
Greg Bailey here form Australia.
We have a number of retail outlets here in the Land of Oz and a quick Google reveals the following situation in the US of A:
Click on 'Locations' to see the many, many retail SonyStyle retail stores in the US.

Cheers from DownUnder,