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Intel’s Sodaville Chip Aimed at TVs
With all the publicity surrounding new laptop processors from Intel at its Developer Forum a couple of weeks ago, the new 45nm system-on-a-chip may not have received much attention. The CE4100 also known as Sodaville (Sodaville, Oregon?) is positioned for use in TVs to help run IPTV, 3DTV and other home entertainment devices. The new chip incorporates a 1.2 GHz Atom processor and 512 Mbytes of L2 cache.

Nvidia's Next Generation Graphics Chip
Not to be outdone by its sometimes partner and rival, Intel, Nvidia previewed a three billion transistor chip code named Fermi at its developer conference last week. Coincidentally, Oak Ridge Lab (not Fermi Lab?) indicated plans to incorporate the new Fermi chip in a new HPC (high performance computer). The Fermi chip will support real-time ray tracing and will offer an "eight-fold improvement in peak double precision arithmetic performance." Nvidia has seen its dominance in the GPU market threatened by the likes of ATI. This chip could help them regain lost ground.
New ION-Based Lenovo IdeaPad S12

Among new computers waiting for Windows 7 to be released, is the new Nvidia ION-based netbook from Lenovo. The IdeaPad S12, like the HP Mini 311 we reported on last week, is based on an Nvidia ION platform that incorporates an Intel Atom processor and an Nvidia 9400M GPU that can be used to process HD video and other graphics intensive applications like high-end games. The IdeaPad has a 12.1 inch display which is a little on the large size for a netbook. It is expected to cost $550 and will be available with Windows 7 after October 22nd.
Another ION Netbook, This One From Samsung
Early reviews of the new Samsung NC510 are generally favorable. Like the Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and HP’s Mini 311, the Samsung NC510 incorporates the Nvidia ION platform which includes an Atom processor and Nvida graphics chip. Fortunately the added horsepower doesn’t come at the expense of battery life as one reviewer claimed 6.5 hours of light use per charge. The NC510 is available in the UK for about 350 pounds or $550 US. The latest word from Samsung is they are holding the release of the NC510 until Windows 7 launches on October 22nd.
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