The Deal on the Deals
Sears has just announced it will be offering “Black Friday,” type deals starting this weekend. Other retailers are bound to jump in. The question is, how can you tell what’s a deal and what’s a dud? Retrevo will be applying its gadget expertise to provide the deal on the deals.
Here some things to be aware of:

  • Stay away from Blu-ray players with Profiles older than 2.0 (like 1.1). Profile 2.0 adds BD-Live which gives you Internet connectivity.
  • You may find some good deals on 720p or 1080i TVs. Unless the TV is smaller than 37 inches we recommend you future-proof your purchase with a 1080p TV.
  • The current Windows Operating System is Windows 7. Unless you really want Windows XP, we recommend you buy a laptop with Windows 7 however, you should try and avoid Windows 7 Starter Edition because it has some serious limitations.
  • Two important features in point and shoot cameras are face technology which optimizes the focus and exposure for faces in the picture and optical image stabilization so shakes don’t cause blurry pictures.
Retrevo Knows Gadgets
Retrevo specializes in making buying and using gadgets fun and simple. Retrevo’s Real-Time Review can give you the low down on an electronics product at a single glance, Use it this holiday season to save time, money, and embarrassment.
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Hello, Thanks for the

Hello, Thanks for the information. Does your comment about LCD TVs and 1080p include 37 inch TVs themselves or only those that are smaller? I'm planning on purchasing a 37" 1080p TV, but with the width our entertainment center I can't even go 1 inch larger. Thanks.