Taking Retrevo's Mobile Gadget Advisor for a Test Drive

Sure, we think Retrevo should be your first online stop for great gadget gifts this holiday season, but did you know you can now get Retrevo's advice in the store from SMS Texting & Twitter? Tis the season for liberated gadget shopping!

The Gadget Shopper's Dilemma

Considering the local mega-hardware store began displaying large inflatable Santas, snowplows, and oversized evergreen wreaths as early as October first this year, you could say there has been no shortage of festive winter holiday "cheer," or at least marketing.

But as an in-store consumer electronics shopper, or someone who just wants a good Blu-ray player without breaking the bank or refinancing the house (again), how do you know when you're getting a good deal on a good product?

Need a Second Opinion? Get Retrevo's AdviceOn-the-Go!

How does it work? Let's say you're at the store.

You see a little Netbook you're thinking of buying, but you need a second opinion.

SMS Texting: Take out your cell phone (smart or otherwise) and Send an SMS Text Message to: 41411 with "retrevoq" followed by the product make and model.
SMS example, text “retrevoq Canon 500D” to 41411.

Twitter: Tweet "@retrevoq" and the product make and model. (The make and model is at the top of the product's in-store 3X5 card. See the picture above).
Twitter (Public) example “@retrevoq Canon 500D”.

For a private, Twitter Direct Message follow http://twitter.com/retrevoq and then send a direct message with the product make and model.
Twitter Direct Message example: “dm @retrevoq Canon 500D”.

You will instantly receive a response: “Canon 500D: Strong Buy if you want high end, Fair Price: $842, Range: $724-$1043. http://bit.ly/V940p

Retrevo instantly sends back a response with three pieces of shopping advice:
Real-Time Recommendation - Whether or not it’s a good product to buy
Fair Price - The reasonable price one should pay for the product based on its feature set
Online Price Range - The price range available on the Internet for the product


So grab your phones and hit the stores this holiday season. Just remeber to get a second opinion from RetrevoQ when it comes to your gadgets

Still want to know more? Click Here to download the How-To PDF.



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